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28 February 2021 - 14:52
Tehran-Baghdad need to strengthen diplomatic ties

Iraqi Foreign Minister Fuad Hussein visited Tehran for the second time in a month indicating new developments in the region and the need for both Iran and Iraq to strengthen diplomatic ties and closer cooperation.

Ghasem Mohebbali, an expert on Middle Eastern affairs said in an article published by Iranian newspaper. Iran, that according to Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif some recent attacks and developments in Iraq are suspicious requiring regular consultations by the two Governments to ensure Iraqi security and stability.

Zarif called for Iraqi government's measure to find the perpetrators of the event. Zarif and Fuad Hussein discussed political, economic, and border trade cooperation, according to the public relations office of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Condemning the US dangerous attack on Iraqi forces along the borders with Syria, Zarif said that the attacks were illegal and a violation of Iraqi sovereignty.

Mohebbali says the suspicious attack on US Consulate General in Iraq that which took place several times in recent months, indicating continuation of efforts aimed at escalating tension between Iran and the US.

In spite of the fact that after President Joe Biden was elected by the US people, it was supposed to be some way to reduce tension between Tehran and Washington, many were waiting for diplomacy to be reactivated and the two countries were waiting to discuss settlement of disputes with each other, but there was a trend in the last two months to raise tensions over deepening the dispute, especially from the countries at the center.

Recent attacks on US diplomatic missions in Iraq, alleged to be carried out by groups close to Iran, have so far prevented de-escalation under the new US administration, It is clearly evident that the interests of Iran and the United States do not suit the current circumstances, but it is natural that there are other actors at different levels in the region capable of disrupting the status quo to prevent de-escalation between Tehran and Washington.

The Islamic Republic of Iran in this situation is not interested in new tensions in the region, but it seems that the underground groups are taking steps against US interests in the region using the panel of others, which makes an arrow pointing at such acts toward Iran.

In this situation, Iranian officials and important neighbors such as Iraq have to strengthen their diplomatic ties more than ever and keep contacts at the highest possible levels so that suspicious acts committed against the interests of Iran and the United States may not be misunderstood.

Iraqi officials also want regular consultations to become more active as both parties are able to communicate with each other by talking to each other, thus helping thwart sabotage.

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