Can Iran's Chabahar port take the place of Suez Canal?

The Calcutta-based Indian magazine Habal Al-Matin has predicted that the connection of Chabahar port to the Black Sea via railways will decrease the significance of the Suez Canal.

The fact that the Islamic Republic plans to develop Chabahar Free Trade Zone and the Makran coast in the future, has convinced many experts to believe that the establishment of a railway from Chabahar port in southeastern Iran to Russia and Germany will make it possible for the port to take the place of the Suez Canal in economic and trade activities.

Any blockage of the Suez Canal will bring about great losses to the international economy, but if trading vessels unload their shipments at Chabahar port and dispatch the commodities through the railway to the Black Sea, the process of delivery will lessen nearly 15 days and the costs will decrease.

Director-General of Chabahar Free Trade Zone Organization (FTZ) Abdul Rahim Kordi pointed to the possibility that Chabahar can take the place of the Suez Canal in global trade, which shows Iranian officials' outlook of the future of the port.

Referring to the construction of a logistic city in the Chabahar region, Kordi said that apart from the development of railways, the two important elements of highways and air traffic play a key role in transiting goods through the vast country.

According to the official, certain countries, including China, tried to circumvent Iran, but they will reach the point that they have no way other than pay attention to the important geographical situation of the country, because Iran is the safest and shortest route in the region.

The Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei attached importance to the Chabahar region and Makran coast, which should be developed, Kordi added.

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