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16 June 2021 - 19:36
Car rental in Iran; best way to travel in Iran

Iran is one of the most popular destinations for traveling between people from around the world. If you are looking for a destination to travel to after all the pandemic issues, Rentkonim suggests you put Iran at the top of your list. Iran has a variety of cities and attractions to visit.

Car rental in Iran is the best option to visit these cities and attractions in your limited time. For example, you can use car rental in Shiraz to visit the most famous attractions of Iran, Persepolis, and Pasargadae in one day. Rentkonim, one of the biggest and most trustworthy car rental companies in Iran, is here to tell you why car rental services are the best option for traveling in Iran.

Rent a car in Iran and start your journey

Now that the days of lockdown and pandemic are almost over, people are willing to travel again, even more, than ever. Iran is known as the most lovable destination among tourists in recent years. Iran has many natural and historical attractions. so, it is not worth only visit one city in Iran and back to your country. based on the opinions of the tourists who had traveled to Iran, car rental in Tehran and other cities of Iran is the best way to visit the different attractions of this land.

What are the car rental services in Iran?

Rentkonim is one of the pioneers of car rental services in Iran and offers services to its customers 24/7 and at the best price. In the continue, we will introduce the different car rental services that are available for tourists so you will know which car hire services are the best for you to choose. We should mention that you can receive all these services in most of the cities of Iran. car rental in Isfahan, Yazd, Kerman, and the other cities of Iran are available for you. But what are these services?

Car rental without a driver

Car rental in Iran without a driver is the best way to start an adventure in Iran and explore the cities and villages of Iran. if you are interested in driving and traveling between the cities on your own and discover new attractions and places, this service is completely suitable for you. You can rent brand-new economy cars in Rentkonim at the lowest price.

Car rental with a driver

If you prefer to travel by a driver-guide that knows all the ways and routes, and also can take you to the famous attractions of each city, car rental with a driver is a great choice for you. A local driver guide can take you to the best places and restaurants.

Van rental

If you are traveling with your friends and family, a car is not enough for you, in this case, van rental is the best option for you. You can rent a van and travel together and make the best moments.

If you are interested in traveling in Iran, you can use each of these services based on your need and budget and have an amazing journey.


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