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30 July 2021 - 14:38
Suppliers of agricultural products

​​​​​​​ Food security is an international issue, even for countries with fertile soil, enough water, and skilled farm labor. Securing the needs of the people has always been one of the main problems of governments and countries around the world. Agriculture and its supply are also one of the most difficult challenges for governments.

The agricultural industry is one of the most sensitive and essential industries in the international community, with huge annual budgets. The importance of agriculture is so high that governments present various programs for the growth of agricultural products every year. However, will governments and countries alone be able to supply all the agricultural products they need? Can they successfully provide the required agricultural resources alone, such as water, fertile soil, etc.? Who are the suppliers of agricultural products? The answer to these questions is an excuse to look at the agricultural situation in some countries, especially the Middle East and the countries of the Persian Gulf.

Importance of agriculture

Unlike Europe, known as the Green Continent, Asia is made up of many wastelands and deserts! The geographical location and climate of an area are one of the constraints that nature has imposed on humans. Our ancestors migrated to areas that could be cultivated and had good water resources for survival in the past. But unlike in the past, with the advancement of technology, increasing population, and changing human lifestyles, it is no longer rational to migrate to obtain natural resources. So today, the importance of agriculture as well as having a region of natural resources; Fertile soil and water are among the important assets of a country. In order for a part of a country's agricultural products to be produced in that country, many factors must be in place. The main question is how countries that do not have sufficient resources to supply their agricultural products should act?

Import of agricultural products

As mentioned, the continent of Asia is made up of many wastelands and deserts! In this continent, if we take a look at the situation in the Middle East, especially the Arab countries in the Persian Gulf, we will find that most of these countries do not have the resources needed to supply their agricultural products. Countries like the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Kuwait, Oman, Bahrain, and Saudi Arabia provide a small part of their people's needs through agriculture! Instead, they meet their primary needs through the import of agricultural products. For example, the United Arab Emirates is one of the Arab countries in the Persian Gulf that imports a variety of goods, especially agricultural products. In order to take a closer look at the issue of agriculture and exports in this region, we want to examine the UAE in terms of the production and import of agricultural products.

Suppliers of agricultural products

The UAE: Agriculture and Imports

The UAE is located in an arid region, where more than three-quarters of the country's total land area is desert. The characteristics of its environment include low rainfall, high temperatures, poor soil, and lack of natural waterways, all of which have obvious effects on the country's agricultural sector. In recent years, as a result of the large-scale development of its infrastructure and economic activities, the UAE has welcomed more than eight million people from more than 200 ethnicities around the world. Their growth in the UAE population has warned the government to look for other options to increase food. Due to the richness of the Arab countries, including the UAE, which is mostly obtained through crude oil and underground gas resources, many investments have been made in turning deserts into fertile lands, but so far, most of them have been fruitless and only costly.

The most economical and perhaps the only option available to them is to import goods through other countries. Also, if the dream of fertilizing the deserts and turning them into lush farms, even if fulfilled, they still face the problem of not having an expert force in the field of agriculture. In addition, the lack of water in the hot and dry geography of these countries makes the best option to be the import of agricultural goods. Iran is the largest onion exporter to the Arab countries in the Persian Gulf, where it exports a great deal every year.

A total of 81,000 hectares (200,000 acres) of land is cultivated. 24% of cultivated land is used to grow vegetables, 30% for fruit, 10% for feed crops, and 36% for other purposes. The UAE agricultural area has decreased by 3% annually over the last 14 years due to desertification and soil degradation caused by natural and human causes. High temperatures and low rainfall cause soil moisture to below, and desertification is accelerated.

Suppliers of agricultural products

Iran and its role in exports

After all that we have said about the agricultural conditions in the Arab countries of the Persian Gulf, especially the UAE, the question probably arises for you, how does a country like the UAE supply the agricultural goods it needs? Well, the answer is clear! Iran is known as a country where agriculture is very prosperous. The country is one of the largest producers of fruit due to its special climate. Fruits that are found only in their special seasons are easily available in Iran in all four seasons. Because Iran has a four-season climate. Iran and its role in exports, especially the UAE and the Arab countries of the Persian Gulf, is huge. Iran is one of the suppliers of agricultural products in this region. Iranian apple is very popular in the Middle East as a product that is in great demand in international trade.

Fruit export

Exporting fruit to the world results from a precise process that requires a lot of costs and facilities. There are many good companies in the world, especially in the export of fruits, and Vira Fruit is one of them. Companies exporting oranges, apples and dates are in fierce competition, which has led to an increase in the quality of this international trade. Meanwhile, there is a high demand for imports in the world, and many companies are active in exporting them. Salix Fruits Company, along with Vira Fruit Company, are exporters of oranges and apples. Iranian apple is one of the products that have many customers in the global fruit trade. Vira Fruit is the best orange exporter to the UAE and the Arab countries of the Persian Gulf. But one of the products that Vira Fruit extensively exports to the UAE is onions. Vira Fruit onion exporter is one of the largest exporters to Arab countries. Vira Fruit Company is one of the suppliers of agricultural products for the UAE.


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