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30 September 2021 - 01:40
Why do we need Farsi and Dari voice-over or subtitling?

We have so many languages around the world that they work as a beginner tool for communicating between humans. But what did happen during history that now we are looking for any English or France words meaning?

 In the Middle East and especially in Iran, Afghanistan, Tajikistan, and some other countries, we see the big effect of the Farsi language over 2500 years. Actually, Persian and its old civilization are tied to the Farsi language and have built a powerful culture.

 Now we have a huge number of native Farsi and Dari people who need to translate every language to their own languages.

 Farsi has tolerated too many changes to arrive us now. However, this changes with recent advances in the media, and the rate of new words being added to the language is rising.

 Like any other language in the world, Farsi has some accents which come from different parts of old Persian ground. Knowing these key points for every Farsi voice agency is crucial. Failure to observe the points related to each region's dialect, language, accent, and calligraphy can cause the project to deviate.

 With the help of a reputable company in this field, clear the misunderstanding from sentences, videos, and audio stories, or any other media.

 Voice Over Agency (Farsi and Dari)

Voice Over Agency (Farsi and Dari)

 We went to the www.farsivoices.com , a voice-over agency that every Persian will need one day in this reportage. First, we will explain a little about this agency, and the goal follows. In their biography, the story of Farsivoices began in 2008, and little by little, it got greeted by domestic and foreign IT companies.

 Actually, they started to produce media with experts' teams and then, in 2011, launched their first website. Farsivoices is the first company in the field of localization, voice-over, and dubbing services in Iran. Luckily they won in their special competition base, and as soon as it was possible, they provided their services all across Iran, Afghanistan, and Tajikistan.

 Farsivoices proudly presents every kind of online Farsi & Dari localization service on an international website where their foreign client can find it easy to use.

 When we searched about their approach to the future, we understood that as long as Farsivoices tries to be an active member of international markets, they will find a new and innovative path to keep loyal clients and attract new ones.

 One important point in their services is that there is no other language in their online services. They just provide every kind of Farsi with experts very intelligently. Do you know what exactly happens? Their professionals process the contents in private studios in Tehran and Kabul.

 First steps in Farsivoices

Farsivoices believes that as Persian is one of the most important languages in Central Asia and the Middle East, surely Persian speakers need unique Farsi services. As a result, they operate experts' advice about Farsi nuances. Because there are some complicated situations when some things like accents or dialect take apart, newly shines.

 So, Farsivoices is committed that keep our needs safe from these kinds of challenges Because they leave every project to experts according to their abilities to catch the best final work.

 They claim that they know how to the manner with audiences, furthermore their various experiences with international clients has made them strong discipline.

 As far as we realize, Farsivoices studies every project after it got done. Whether these projects are narration, an advertisement or, an international corporate announcement or not, all the projects will be evaluated.

 Farsi Voice Over Artists

 Farsivoices collected very obsessively their voice artists who have so many experiences in this domain.Enter the page to view Persian voice Over.

 Farsi Voice Over Studio

 Surely responding to voice projects without equipped studios is impossible. Farsivoices provides 4 professional studios for different purposes like narrations, ADR, or audiobook recordings.

 They also used the most popular software like Pro Tools, Nuendo, and Logic Pro.

 They explain how to order voice from them.

 Usually, Farsivoices does record in the studio, editing and delivering the requested output formats under the supervision of proficient. The effective rule in this step refers to the quality control group. This team checks the final works twice before delivering. There are some sample voices from their artists which we can listen to and then decide.

 Farsivoices advised:" we suggest our clients only work with translators and voice artists currently living in Iran because most Farsi speakers who have moved to other countries have fallen behind the latest trends and are not caught up on the recent stylistic changes made to the language."

Farsi (Persian) Subtitling Services can be very exciting

 We ask Farsivoices to clarify more about the subtitling services they provide. However, the Farsi alphabet is to the Latin alphabet; Natives must prepare Farsi subtitling.

 Some advantages and disadvantages like limitations exist between each order. They should be cautious about every order's features.

The necessity of applying high-level Farsi subtitling specialists is implementing the technical requirements.

TV advertisement subtitling is a completely different issue. Here as we found out, the focus is on the shortest and impressive phrases. In this voice agency, your need for subtitles for a VOD service or an FTA channel will have been responded to.

 Farsi Captioning Services' positive point is that this service is what deaf persons need, too. The advantage of Farsivoices which draws clients' attention, is to prepare your order uniquely.

 But in our idea, the most strong points is professional behavior, such as answering in 2 hours, evaluating your order, and emailing you containing information about your order, price, and delivery time schedule.

 Dari Voice Over services in Farsivoices

 Dari Voice Over services in Farsivoices

 In fact, Dari is a branch of the Farsi language, so it might contain very details which make the Dari voice-over difficult enough. We understand that they choose the related artist for each order base on order properties. Based on demand, their geniuses provide clients those words with the highest possible effect. These artists pass complex performances to prove how skilled they are.

 As with other parts, we wanted to know how to make our Dari voice-over.

 Farsivoices' goal is to keep itself at the same level of international standards. All they do are in parallel with their goal, such as recording in the studio, editing and delivering the requested output formats, and quality control group checking the orders 2 times before sending them to the customers.

 How to order your Dari voice-over

There are a few things need to done for ordering a voice-over in Farsivoices. These steps are as follows:

  1. Choose your favorite Dari voice artist.
  2. Then upload your videos, Scripts, Audio files.
  3. They measure your order after a maximum of 2 hours; they email you, including information about your order, price, and delivery time schedule. There may be some suggestions to help you manage your Dari Voice over easier.

 Dari Subtitling Services

 When we search about Dari subtitling services in Farsivoices, we face some repeated factors as comes in Farsi subtitling, too. The bold one was the importance of using native artists.

 As Farsivoices introduced their special Dari part, they considered the features of each order to make sure they completely utilized these advantages. A common English sentence usually becomes between 1.5 and 2 times longer when translated to Dari. It depends on the translator's ability to adapt each phrase for proper subtitle.

 These factors are important for their clients who trust their proficiency in delivering high-quality work.

 Too many costs for massive projects may cause you to give up during process time. But in Farsivoices, they use your budget correctly so that using Dari subtitling brings you more content and fewer difficulties worth the money.

 Efficiency, brevity, and accessibility of sentences are very important in Dari subtitles. Therefore, all their efforts are focused on using Dari language specialists and professionals to obtain maximum audience satisfaction.


 Fortunately, what we received from Farsivoices was that all the customers want are important to them, not just a part of them. They seek to meet all your needs for Persian and Dari translations. To do this, all the necessary arrangements have been made by the studio, experts, geniuses, and standard work discipline. Therefore, we can count on them in any translation order or Persian and Dari subtitles. The development of their work internationally and in the form of an English language site has added to their experience and credibility.

 There are some other aspects of Farsivoices which show it 'capacities clearly, but we just tried to use their experiences and improve our knowledge.

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