AEOI Chief: Iran moving in line with peaceful nuclear objectives

Head of the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran (AEOI) Mohammad Eslami urged the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) to support countries that follow peaceful nuclear energy goals, saying it is clear that Iran has taken steps in line with peaceful objectives.

Addressing a live TV program on Saturday night, Eslami said that peaceful nuclear activities against the proliferation of nuclear weapons are among the joint commitments by countries and are established based on regulations introduced by the International Atomic Energy Agency.

Iran’s enemies have never implemented the vivid obligations stated in the IAEA statute regarding Iran in the last 47 years and rarely committed them, he added.

He said that enemies have limited Iranian students studying in nuclear fields, adding that space, nuclear, IT, nanotechnology and biotechnology areas are defined as high levels of power which will produce economic and military power that can facilitate and support progress and empower nations.

He went on to say that despite all animosities and interference, Iran could achieve nuclear technology.

Elsewhere in his remarks, Eslami elaborated on the AEOI mission, saying that in the first place the organization has to produce nuclear fuel, extract and process uranium from mines and convert it into fuel, use that fuel in various reactors for research purposes and to generate electricity.

He also referred to the development of using radiation, the output of which has been radiopharmaceuticals, saying the AEOI now supports almost all medical systems in the health sector and provides their radiopharmaceuticals.

Highlighting the output of his recent visit to Russia which included meetings with the ROSATOM president Alexey Likhachev, Eslami said good achievements have been made on accelerating, financing and implementing the projects.

He further reiterated that enemies put pressure on the IAEA and provoke it against Iran.

Iran asked the IAEA to define a moratorium on political issues, the influence of these destructive Zionist systems and the anti-Revolution elements, but they did not respond, the senior official added.

'We tried to mention Iran’s positions, approaches and policies to the world and clearly told the IAEA that we do not like their selective behavior and they should block the path of political influence, he said adding that our criteria are law, safeguards and NPT to which we are committed to it.'

Eslami said that the JCPOA cameras are different from those set up by Safeguards and no one will have access to safeguard cameras’ information after being reviewed by IAEA inspectors.

Regarding the JCPOA cameras, he said the IAEA inspectors take out the memory stick and install a new one to review them.

Iranian nuclear chief referred to the production of 20% uranium in Iran, saying it had previously been purchased from the US and Argentina.

Pointing to the US accusations that Iran attempts to make nuclear bombs, he said American officials have always assumed that though it seems more like a pretext for Zionists’ infiltration.

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