Oil minister thanks IRGC for saving Iranian oil from US pirates

Petroleum Minister Javad Owji in a message addressed to the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC), on Wednesday, appreciated their naval forces' brave move in releasing the seized Iranian export oil from US pirates.

The American naval forces had earlier on Wednesday transferred the export oil of an Iranian oil tanker vessel in the international waters of the Sea of Oman, and were carrying it into an unidentified destination. 

The brave IRGC naval personnel in a heliborne operation took control of the deck of the ship carrying seized Iranian oil and led the ship towards Iranian territorial waters.

The American terrorist forces using a number of helicopters and warships pursued the oil tanker carrying Iranian oil, but their operation failed thanks to the resolute and mighty presence of the IRGC forces.

The US terrorist forces then made a second attempt resorting to a large amount of most advanced facilities to block the path of the oil tanker, but failed again and the oil tanker is now in Iranian waters.

Oil Minister Javad Owji has further emphasized in his message that when the enemies of the Iranian nation saw how the servants of this nation with their resolute will are determined to break the tough ring of sanctions, resorted to a method in which they have a long record, which is piracy, but their notorious act in that respect, too, was foiled thanks to the alertness and bravery of the IRGC naval forces.

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