A New Role Model for Health & Beauty Marketing in Iran

Iranian health and beauty brands have always faced a big challenge in presenting their products to local customers because displaying the beauty products on the faces and bodies of models, as frequently used worldwide, is not an available option to them.

However, introducing local brands to Iran’s health and beauty market was in dire need of an immediate and highly effective solution in the wake of the sanctions imposed against the country since they tremendously affected global brands availability and purchasing power of consumers due to high inflation — currently around 48.7% annually.

PergasTeb is a Tehran-based company with nearly a decade-long history of manufacturing and distributing the French beauty brand, La Farrerr, in Iran. However, as the company decided to introduce its new domestically manufactured Moringa oil-based products to Iran’s market, it faced the always-present challenge. How is it possible to have a full-exposure 360° campaign for the Moringa EMO (“exclusive moisture of oils”) brand launch in Iran without having a human face or body or even specific words of the field at hand? PergasTeb offered the task to a series of advertising agencies, but all of them refused to accept it due to the complexity and uncertainty surrounding the job. PergasTeb then turned to Zigma8, a marketing agency in Iran, for the brand launch campaign. And it took a risk by undertaking the project which aimed at gaining back consumer confidence and sentiment toward an Iranian-made beauty product. The campaign included 360° comprehensive ATL and BTL strategies including TV and Radio commercial, outdoor and trade marketing as well as key visual designs and the brand book development.

A New Role Model for Health & Beauty Marketing in Iran

To overcome all the challenges ahead, the best solution was decided as a return to the roots of the new product: The Moringa tree and its oils. Nowadays consumers at Iran’s health and beauty market, which is second to Saudi Arabia in the MENA region and recently has enjoyed a 6% year-on-year growth, prefer natural products; however, how can one summon a mostly unknown tree for Iranian consumers from the Mother Nature, make it eye-catching and turn it into a symbol of natural beauty and health products? The solution was the beautification of all the beauty product’s ingredients through images and words inspired by the Moringa tree. To make that happen, many drawings, designs, and sketches of the nonchalant-looking plant were tested to create a soft and appealing look for Moringa. The final sketch was a combination of Moringa with subtle touches of Orchids in a design that paved the way for creating colorful and seductive illustrations floating out in a harmonious composition through a deep study of the tree’s elements. To accompany the images, poetical words were adopted as the campaign headlines to evoke a sense of nature and growth in complete harmony with the product’s ingredients. In the end, a brand-new pictorial story, in different forms of advertisement, was narrated for the target audience about beauty and ways to reach that.

It seems now that the campaign has been successful to reach its objective as the Moringa EMO products have been welcomed by the consumers. The campaign also set the stage for a new kind of advertisement when it comes to beauty and health brands in Iran as it showed that even when the simplest and most routine tools in a field are out of reach, there is still a chance of finding a new path for moving forward. The brand launch campaign has also received international endorsement by winning gold for Zigma8 at the video content category and FMCG sub-category of the ACEF Content Marketing & Creators Awards 2021.

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