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15 April 2022 - 20:43
US HR reports hypocritical, crooked: Official

Deputy Head of the Iranian Judiciary and Secretary of High Council for Human Rights described US’ annual human rights reports as being hypocritical and crooked.

In a statement issued on Thursday in response to the US State Department 2021 Human Rights Report, Kazem Gharibabadi said that the US that is the biggest violator of human rights is not qualified to comment on human rights situation in other countries.

He said that the US’ annual reporting is aimed at deviating global attention from gross violation by the US and at false self-exemplification on human rights.

Gharibabadi dismissed the content of the report and expressed concern over human rights situation in the United States, saying that the American society suffered from racial indiscrimination and injustice during 2021.

The official also mentioned violation against refugees and immigrants, sanctions against some nations, police violation against people, infringement of prisoners’ human rights, increase in the number of the homeless, and jeopardizing American people’s health rights through mismanagement during the pandemic as the US’ human rights background in 2021.

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