Iran’s armed forces are watching slightest movements of Israel: President

Iran’s President Ebrahim Raisi said on Monday that even the slightest movements of the Israeli regime were not hidden from Iranian military, intelligence, and security forces.

Speaking in the National Army Day ceremony marked by the Army’s military parade, the President hailed the unity between Iran’s two military organizations, the Amy and the IRGC, as being exemplary and said that the armed forces in Iran have a lot of capabilities, the most vital of which is that they enjoy sincere, spirituality-oriented, and risk-taking human forces.

He said that revolutionary people are the most important component of power in Iran and that the country's military power is well-known not only in regional but also in global scale.

The Army leveraged the opportunity provided by the sanctions to empower itself, as our military industry is now in the best state in a way that it can help other industries in the country, the President noted.

If you seek normalization with the countries in the region, beware that even the slightest of your movements is not hidden to our armed, intelligence and security forces, Raisi warned the Israeli regime.

He added that in case of the smallest move by the Israeli regime against the Iranian nation, the center of Israel would be the destination for Iran’s armed forces.

The preparedness of the Army sends the message that Iran defeated the regime of Saddam Hussein and all the evil forces who supported them during the eight-year Iran-Iraq war, the President underlined, adding that the fate of that regime is before the eye of the world and those who supported that regime admit their failure today.

The White House spokesperson confesses before the world that the sanctions and maximum pressure against Iran was an abject failure and this is the fate of those who seek confrontation with the Islamic System, Raisi said.

The message of Iranian armed forces’ power and resistance to the oppressed people all around the world, the President said, is that the Iranian armed forces constitute an axis of hope for them as backing the oppressed is a principle of the Islamic Republic of Iran's foreign policy.

He said that Iran’s Army is in the heart of the Iranian people and is prepared to accomplish missions under the command of the Commander-in-Chief.

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