IAEA recent report not reflects reality of Iran-Agency talks

Stating that the recent report of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) does not reflect the reality of the talks between Iran and the Agency, the Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesman said that the report is not fair.

"The report does not reflect the truth about the talks between Iran and the Agency," said the Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesman Saeed Khatibzadeh in his weekly press conference on Tuesday in reaction to the International Atomic Energy Agency's recent report claiming that Iran hasn't submitted answers to its questions.

"Following the agreement reached between Iran and the IAEA in Tehran, Iran provided the IAEA with written answers to its questions. Several rounds of meetings were held to provide technical responses and documentation by Iran."

He also said that the nuclear watchdog’s yesterday report was the same report Director-General Rafael Grossi hastily presented in the European parliament and was concluded before the Iran-IAEA meeting in Tehran.

The report is neither fair nor balanced and the Zionist regime’s pressure has deviated the IAEA’s reporting from technical to political, the spokesman underlined, adding that the Islamic Republic of Iran is moving forward its nuclear program on the peaceful path.

The foreign ministry spokesman also called on the IAEA to exercise maximum care not to deviate from the technical path and its charters and warned that the Zionist regime spoils the talks by spying on the IAEA whenever a breakthrough is made or an agreement is nearly available.

Elsewhere in his remarks, Khatibzadeh in response to a question about the Vienna talks on the revival of the JCPOA said that Iran’s measures were clear, but the US has failed to provide Iran with expected answers.

If the US takes its political decision, there will be no stalemate and the outstanding issues will be solved, the diplomat added.

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