Pres. Raisi: Iran will not step back from its stances

Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi said on Thursday that the International Atomic Energy Agency's Board of Governors (BoG) has passed a resolution against Iran, but Iran will not step back one iota from its stance.

President Raisi arrived in Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari Province on Thursday morning as part of his administration's regular visits to provinces.

During his visit, he referred to the resolution against Iran by IAEA BoG and said that Iran will not step back one iota from its stance.

The IAEA’s Board of Governors on Wednesday (June 8, 2022) adopted a resolution against Iran, which was drafted by the United States and its three European allies, the UK, Germany, and France. Tehran has already warned against the anti-Iran resolution and promised a proportionate response.

President Raisi said Western countries think that with sanctions, Iran will stop, but Iranians will keep their progress in various areas of industry, agriculture, and tourism because they have never made the country's economy dependent on foreigners.

President Raisi reiterated that Iran has reached the situation before the sanctions on exports and that the trade balance of the country shows success, adding that the country's economic growth has reached five percent and all indicators show a bright future for the country's economy.

The enemy intends to halt Iranians' progress by imposing unilateral sanctions, but Iranians have always been successful, he highlighted.

He underscored that the enemy does not want Iran to achieve nuclear industry and advanced military industries, automobiles, and household appliances, but Iranians have superior knowledge and today is the war of wills.

Raisi also said that after the West encouraged Greece to hijack an Iranian oil tanker, Iran seized two of their ships.

He added that the era of hit-and-run is over and today they announced that they would return the tanker. 

Earlier on Thursday, Reuters news agency, citing sources familiar with the matter, said that a Greek court had on Wednesday overturned an earlier court ruling that allowed the US to confiscate part of a cargo of Iranian oil on an Iranian-flagged tanker off the Greek coast.

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