Iran, Pakistan FMs joint press conference kicks off

A joint press conference between Iran’s Foreign Minister Hossein Amirabdollahian and his Pakistani counterpart Bilawal Bhutto Zardari began.

Amirabdollahian made the remarks at the joint press conference with his Pakistani counterpart.

Referring to the deep-rooted relations between Iran and Pakistan, he said that Iran’s 13th government has established relations on the basis of the development of cooperation.

Today, Iran and Pakistan discussed bilateral relations, border markets plus the development of local trade, and provincial cooperation by adopting joint political approaches and stances between Tehran and Islamabad, he added.

He noted that the two sides discussed cultural-tourism cooperation in the international arena as well as economic and trade dialogues.

Pointing to the importance of exporting gas from Iran to Pakistan and increasing the amount of exports, the Iranian top diplomat highlighted that the two sides discussed this issue, adding that despite unilateral US sanctions on the international track, there are mechanisms that the countries can continue to cooperate.

Calling the regional issues such as Afghanistan and Palestine the main issues of bilateral negotiations between Iran and Pakistan, noting that Iran opposes the crisis in Ukraine and wants to try to resolve this crisis between Russia and Ukraine.

Pointing to the IAEA Board of Governors (BoG) resolution against Iran, Amirabdollahian noted that Iran never left the negotiation table and we believe that negotiations, as well as diplomacy, are the best way to reach the endpoint of the agreement. 

Referring to the meetings between Iranian Foreign Ministry's Deputy for Political Affairs Ali Bagheri Kani and Deputy EU foreign policy chief Enrique Mora plus P4+1 countries in Vienna, as well as exchanging messages between Iran and the US, he said that Iran took significant steps over past months in the talks and proved that Iranians look for dialogue and logic for reaching a good, strong and lasting agreement.

Zardari, for his part, said that Pakistan calls for strengthening mutual cooperation with Iran.

Calling Iran an important neighbor to Pakistan, he noted that the two sides identified ways to enhance bilateral relations during this meeting.

Amirabdollahian and Bhutto Zardari met on Tuesday.

He hosted Bhutto Zardari at Iran's Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

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