UK in no position to make anti-Iran claims about Yemen

The spokesman of the Iranian Ministry of Foreign Affairs rejected the baseless claim made by United Kingdom about the seizure of the Iranian weapons consignment en rout to Yemen.

Nasser Kanani, the spokesman for the Iranian Ministry of Foreign Affairs reacted to the claim published on the official website of the British government about the seizure of the shipment of Iranian weapons destined for Yemen in January 2022.

In response to the baseless and repetitive claim, Kanani said that "By continuously selling advanced weapons to the self-proclaimed military coalition against the defenseless people of Yemen, Britain is an accomplice in the war and aggression against Yemen and is in no position to make such baseless accusations against the Islamic Republic of Iran."

"Based only on the news and statistics published in the British media, this country has sold about advanced weapons, including bombs, air-to-ground and guided missiles, and fighter jets, worth  8 billion pounds to the anti-Yemen coalition since the beginning of the military invasion of Yemen," the Iranian spokesman added.

He added, "This figure (8 billion pounds) could be much higher if one takes into account the special licenses that the British government has provided to the arms manufacturers. In fact, the United Kingdom has provided these weapons to the aggressors with the exact knowledge of the war crimes committed by the aggressor coalition against the Yemeni defenseless people and those arms' use against schools, hospitals, wedding parties and food warehouses."

"Undoubtedly, the UK government's approach in continuing to export weapons to the coalition forces has been one of the reasons for the continuation of the inhuman war in Yemen, therefore this country is in no position to make such a claim against the Islamic Republic of Iran."

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