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9 July 2022 - 23:30
Iran grains production to grow 13.5%: FAO

The United Nations’ Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) has predicted that the production of grains in Iran will increase by 13.5 percent in the current year, reaching 20.3 million tons.

The organization has announced in its newest quarterly report that grain production is predicted to witness a 0.6 percent decline in 2022.

It is expected that the global grains production will decrease by 18 million tons, reaching 2791 million tons, indicating a 0.6 percent reduction in comparison to last year’s level which stood at 2809 million tons last year.

According to FAO, the balance of production and consumption of grains in the current year will see a deficit of six million tons because the production level is predicted to stand at 2791 million tons, while the consumption of grains will not be less than 2797 million tons despite a 0.1 decline in consumption.

The six million tons deficit of balance between production and consumption of grains at the international level happens this year, while the year 2021 witnessed a surplus of 10 million tons in this regard.

Based on the report, international grains trade will experience a 2.4 percent decline in the current year compared to last year, so the trade volume will reach 467 million tons. The average global grains trade stood at 479 million tons last year.

The total reserves of grains at global level were reported at 859 million tons at the end of last year, and it is expected to decrease by 0.6 percent at the end of the existing year to reach 854 million tons.

– Iran’s grains production

In another section of the quarterly report, FAO reviewed the situation of grains production in Iran, writing that despite the fact that rainfalls were not satisfactory in the central south of Iran this year, rainfalls in other parts of the country were relatively good, so it is predicted that grains production in Iran will increase by 2.5 million tons (13.5%) to 20.3 million tons.

The grains production in Iran stood at 17.8 million tons last year and the five-year average of grains production in the country was reported at 21 million tons, the FAO says.

Predictions say that the grains production in Iran will reach 13 million tons in the current year, indicating a 25 percent increase compared to the 10.4 million tons produced last year.

However, paddy rice production in Iran will decrease by 100k tons, reaching three million tons in the current year. The amount of production of other grains will remain unchanged at 4.3 million tons.

FAO assessed that Iran’s grains reserves were 11.5 million tons in 2021, predicting that this will increase by 1.3 million tons to reach 12.8 million tons in 2022.

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