Iran FM spokesman reacts to Jake Sullivan's claims

Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesman reacted to the US claims on handing over Iranian-made military achievements to Russia, saying that Iran-Russia cooperation in the new technologies field dates back prior to the Ukraine war.

"The history of cooperation between the Islamic Republic of Iran and the Russian Federation in the field of some new technologies dates back to before the start of the war in Ukraine and there has been no special development in this relationship recently," Nasser Kanaani told reporters on Tuesday.

"The position of the Islamic Republic of Iran regarding the war in Ukraine is quite clear and has been officially announced many times," he added.

"The claim of the US official comes while the United States and the Europeans have for years turned the occupying and aggressor countries, including in the West Asian region, into a storehouse for their various fatal weapons," Kanaani continued, adding, "Without these weapons, the continuation of more than seven decades of aggression, crime and occupation by the Zionists in Occupied territories were not possible."

Kanani continued to stress, "We continue our efforts to stop the war and bring all parties back to negotiations. The plight of Ukrainian refugees, the war and the deaths in that country are saddening to us; We condemn the displacement of the people of Ukraine in the same way that we condemn the displacement of the people of Afghanistan and other countries. We do not consider war as a solution; neither in Ukraine nor in Afghanistan, nor in Yemen, etc."

The spokesman made the comments in reaction to the US National security adviser Jake Sullivan who claimed on Monday that Iran will be providing Russia with a rushed delivery of “weapons-capable” UAVs and other unmanned aircraft.

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