Snapp Express report on Iran’s grocery market in 2021-2022

Snapp Express is an instant delivery service that focuses on grocery goods in Iran and is part of the Snapp supper app.

Recently, it revealed a complete report that pictures a transparent view of the market of grocery goods consumption in Iran. For this report, Snapp Express focused on the online and offline sales information of more than 2100 local supermarkets, hypermarkets, and supermarket chains. They also reviewed more than 30 million invoices. They discovered that the size of this market in Iran seemed to be more than 23 billion dollars. And only 0.8% of this number belongs to online sales. If we compare these numbers with neighboring countries, such as Turkey, we realize that there is a huge growth potential for the online market of grocery goods in Iran. It is worth mentioning that the size of this market in the world in 2021 was more than 12,400 billion dollars. Experts expect this market to reach about 15,300 billion dollars by 2025. Also, this report states in a separate manner which types of products are more popular among Iranians and which Iranian companies are superior in the sale of grocery goods.

Snapp Express report on Iran’s grocery market in 2021-2022

The Snapp Express report about the FMCG market in Iran has many valuable notes, parts of which you can read below.

•      The market size of Iranian grocery goods in 2021-22 is estimated to be more than $23 billion.

•      The online market share of grocery goods is estimated at 0.8% of the total market in Iran.

•      By comparing the penetration rate of the online market of other countries (for example, Turkey 6% and Russia 4.5%) and considering megatrends such as the effects of the Corona pandemic and the changes in consumer behavior towards online shopping, a very high growth potential for this market can be predicted.

•      The dairy and ice cream group, with a 19% share of the total market, had the highest sales among the grocery goods group. After the dairy group, the beverage group has the largest sales share, about 17%.

•      For each supermarket in-person visit, the average basket value of the shopping cart is $2, and the average number of items per purchase is 4.2.

•      The subgroup of ice cream and "Faloodeh" (Iranian ice noodles) has the best-selling products in terms of quantity - both in-person and online shopping - that is to say out of every 100 items purchased from supermarkets, about 9 items are placed in this subgroup.

•      Cigarettes are the best-selling in-person shopping product in terms of value; in other words, out of every $100 purchased from supermarkets, about $6 was from this product. In online shopping, milk is the best-selling product in terms of value; that is out of every $100 purchased, about $5 is milk.

•      40% of the market share of grocery goods belongs to 20 companies.

•      45% of the market share of grocery goods has been covered by 45 brands. In this report, a deeper analysis of the leading brands in different groups has been done.

The full version of this report is available in English at this address.

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