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6 November 2022 - 21:47
Iran to expand healthcare coop. with Cuba

Minister of Health and Medical Education of Iran Bahram Eynollahi has underlined the need for expansion of strategic collaborations between Havana and Tehran in healthcare.

Eynollahi made the remarks in a meeting with Cuban Deputy Foreign Minister Elio Rodríguez Perdomo in the Iranian capital on Sunday, noting that the Iranian Health Ministry is in charge of heading the joint economic commission of Cuba and Iran, and that the commission provides a precious opportunity for both sides to develop relationship.

According to the Iranian minister, the 18th joint economic commission was held in Tehran this year and such interactions will consolidate mutual ties.

He underlined the need for implementation of joint documents signed by the two countries, adding that Havana and Tehran have had cooperation in healthcare sector especially in producing coronavirus vaccine.

As to the resilience culture in Cuba, he noted that the Islamic Republic is happy with the revolutionary culture of the Latin American country, and that the culture of the Cuban resistance in the face of the US’s cruel sanctions has been spread in other regional states.

“With the cooperation between Iran as well as friend and revolutionary countries can resist in the face of the global arrogance and American repression,” Eynollahi added.

Elsewhere in his remarks, the health minister referred to the big march in the National Day of Fighting Global Arrogance on March 4, noting that the Iranian nation and friendly countries such as Cuba stand against the intervening policies of the US and its allies, and that history indicates that subjugation will not bear fruit, because the Islamic Republic and other independent nations have succeeded in becoming more powerful in spite of the cruel sanctions and economic pressures.

The Cuban deputy minister, for his part, said that the expansion of interactions between Iran and Cuba can help stand against challenges powerfully.

The joint economic commission has taken firm steps and the two sides have reached agreements, which should be implemented as soon as possible and in the best way, he said.

Referring to Iran-Cuba collaboration in producing coronavirus vaccine, he mentioned that the two countries have reached to the point that they can expand exchanges and cooperation in healthcare sector.

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