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2 November 2023 - 23:14
Lifting sanctions will help build better world: Iran

Iran's Ambassador and Permanent Representative to the international organizations in Geneva, who heads the social forum of the Human Rights Council, emphasized that the lifting of sanctions will help the development of science, technology and building a better world.

In his speech as the president of this forum, Ali Bahraini said that the coronavirus epidemic and the bitter experiences of the lack of cooperation and solidarity for equal access to what they needed to deal with this epidemic have put "us in front of this moral question". "If the world faces a crisis similar to Corona, will we face the same challenges again?"

"If the barriers to the transfer of technologies and their exploitation are removed, technologies, sciences and innovations can help build a better world," he added.

The Iranian envoy emphasized the importance of the capacity of countries to develop and participate in building a better world, and said, "If there are no colonial policies and restrictive national laws that are imposed on other countries extraterritorially, all countries have the capacity to meet the development of their countries and the capacity of each country can be a complementary link for the development of the whole world."

Bahraini stated that technology by focusing on women and youth can create a better future for everyone. The 15th session of the Social Assembly of the Human Rights Council 2023 started a few minutes ago at the place of the Human Rights Council in Geneva, under the presidency of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

In this 2-day meeting, more than 60 participants, including high-ranking officials, diplomats and non-governmental organizations, will discuss the topic of "the role of science, technology and innovation in the promotion of human rights, especially during the recovery period from the coronavirus epidemic in the form of various expert sessions.

This meeting was chaired by Ali Bahraini, ambassador and permanent representative of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Ruhollah Dehghani, the Iranian vice president for science, technology and knowledge-based economy, was also present in this meeting.

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