Iran hails ‘robust wording’ of OIC-Arab League communiqué on Gaza

Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesman Nasser Kanaani has said that the draft communiqué issued at the end of a joint summit of the Arab League and the Islamic Cooperation Organization (OIC) on the Gaza that was held on November 11 in Saudi Arabia was strong and robust.

Kanaani said on Sunday that most of the proposals submitted by the Islamic Republic of Iran to the joint Arab League-OIC summit on Gaza were included in the final communiqué. 

He described the following paragraphs mentioned in the communiqué as having a strong and robust wording with regards to the Israeli regime’s aggression on Gaza.

1. Call on all countries to stop exporting weapons and ammunition to the occupation authorities that are used by their army and terrorist settlers to kill the Palestinian people and destroy their homes, hospitals, schools, mosques, churches, and all their capabilities.

2. Call on the UN Security Council to take a decisive and binding decision that imposes a cessation of aggression and curbs the colonial occupation authority that violates international law, international humanitarian law, and international legitimacy resolutions, the latest of which is United Nations General Assembly Resolution No. A/ES-10/L.25 dated 26/10/2023.

3. Call on the Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court to complete the investigation into war crimes and crimes against humanity being committed by Israel against the Palestinian people in all the occupied Palestinian territories, including East Al-Quds.

4. Assign the General Secretariats of the OIC and the Arab League to follow up on the implementation of this investigation and establish two specialized legal monitoring units to document Israeli crimes committed in the Gaza Strip since October 7, 2023.

5. Support legal and political initiatives for the State of Palestine to hold Israeli occupying authorities accountable for their crimes against the Palestinian people, including the advisory opinion process at the International Court of Justice, and allow the investigative committee established by the Human Rights Council resolution to investigate these crimes without obstruction.

Referring to the position of the Arab League about the Palestine Liberation Organization and introducing it as the only legitimate representative of the Palestinian people, Kanaani underlined that the Islamic Republic of Iran believes that all Palestinian people and groups represent Palestinian people and have the right to fight against the occupying and choose their fate under international law.

In the end, Kanaani pointed out that the resolution adopted by the summit in Riyadh despite the strong text, at the same time, has several clauses to which the Islamic Republic of Iran has always declared its opposition in the past.

In the summit, Iran reiterated its opposition to certain sectors, especially resolving the Palestinian cause based on the two-state solution, the 1967 borders, and the Arab Peace Initiative.

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