Hezbollah hits Zionist Merkava tank in northern occupied lands

Hezbollah of Lebanon has hit and annihilated a Zionist Merkava tank in northern parts of the Palestinian Israeli-occupied territories, according to local media.

Al Ahd News said on Tuesday that the tank was directly hit by a combat drone.   

Ever since the launch of the Zionist invasion against the Gaza Strip, the Hezbollah forces began targeting Zionist bases to ease the pressure of the regime on the Gazan people.

US President Joe Biden's senior adviser Amos Hochstein is currently in Beirut to help ease the tensions between Lebanon and the Zionist regime.

He met with Lebanese Prime Minister Najib Mikati on Tuesday where they discussed the situation going on in the region.

Speaking during the meeting, the Lebanese prime minister said that Lebanon is not seeking to fuel tensions and is rather after the establishment of a ceasefire.

He said that Beirut is looking for ways to prevent the escalation of tensions and put an end to the Zionist violation of the Lebanese sovereignty.

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