The spokesman of Iran’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs warned that those who support the Zionist regime are just as complicit as Tel Aviv for the Israeli regime's crimes.

Nasser Kanaani wrote on his official account on social media that the woes inflicted on Palestine and the residents of the Gaza Strip are indescribable.

He emphasized that the responsibility of the US and other advocates of the Zionist regime in the continuation of the horrific atrocities in the Gaza Strip is no less than that of the Tel Aviv regime.

The spokesman further condemned the silence and indifference of certain states, when it comes to crimes and brutality in Gaza, while these atrocities are rejected from a moral perspective.

According to Al-Quds News Network, the Palestinian resistance movement Hamas issued a statement on Monday strongly condemning the Zionist regime's brutal treatment of Palestinian prisoners abducted from the Gaza Strip. Hamas also blamed the United States for these crimes.

The statement was issued after the director of the Shifa Hospital in the Gaza Strip, Muhammad Abu Salmiya, told reporters after his release from the Zionist regime's prison that the regime does not provide medical services to prisoners and attacks them in violation of international conventions.

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