NewsCode : 186134 | Date: 1/20/2014 | Time: 10:25 PM | Service: Economy - Economy

Iran Khodro Capable to Export 30% of Products

Iran's larges automaker, Iran-Khodro Company (IKCO), said it can export, at least, 30% of its products once the western sanctions against the country are removed.

'Considering quality and quantity, Iran Khodro vehicles are welcomed in foreign markets and can compete with similar products in those target markets,' IKCO deputy CEO for Exports Elmi said.

IKCO has so far exported cars and auto parts to over 40 countries in the world. This company has targeted new markets and is determined to sell its new products as IKCO Runna and Dena in these markets.

According to IKCO deputy CEO in export the company is studying the possibility of entering these new markets while in some, marketing and negotiations has started.

Elmi also discussed the international barriers were the main reason for the decreasing trend of IKCO global sale, as global customers wouldn't wait and would refer to other producers, when IKCO encountered product transfer.

IKCO has been not only elected as one of the pioneering exporters in Iran, but also evaluated as one of the successful producers regarding brand introduction in the global markets.

'Exporting 50% of the products is an ideal in car industry; however in some years we have been able to sell 10% of our products in overseas countries,' claimed the deputy CEO.