NewsCode : 186476 | Date: 4/8/2014 | Time: 5:38 PM | Service: Economy - Economy

Iran Ready to Export 6mln Barrels of Oil per Day

The Iran Oil Terminal Company is ready to help the government with supplying growing demand for the country's crude oil, IOTC Chief Executive Pirouz Mousavi said.

IOTC's terminals are ready to help the country with export of six million barrels of oil per day,' he said, addressing officials of the Persian Gulf Island of Kharg in Southern Iran.

In December 2013, Mousavi announced that the IOTC was launching floating oil export terminals in the Sea of Oman.

'The Oil Ministry plans to increase crude oil exports capacity and, to that effect, IOTC has the potential to respond to customers’ needs,” he added.

Mousavi said IOTC is currently able to export 5 mb/d of crude oil, adding that this figure could rise if gas condensate exports from Assaluyeh are included