NewsCode : 186789 | Date: 6/24/2014 | Time: 7:59 PM | Service: Economy - Economy

Italian Investors Keen to Invest in Iran's Energy Projects

Italian investors have voiced their willingness to invest in Iran's development projects, a senior trade official announced on Tuesday.

'Investors from Italy are interested to invest in Iran's water and electricity projects,' Head of the Organization for Investment, Economic and Technical Assistance of Iran Abolfazl Koudeie said today.

He noted that the Italian investors are particularly interested in water and electricity projects in Iran's Khuzestan province.

In March, a team of Italian investors voiced their willingness to enter Iran's market through investment in various sectors of the East Azerbaijan province, in Northeastern Iran.

Speaking in a meeting with Governor General of East Azerbaijan Province Esmayeel Jabbarzadeh in Tabriz, the Italian economic delegation underscored that they are ready for investment in the province.

The Italian investors further added that they will be accompanied by three Italian banks, which are going to finance the projects.

Late in December 2013, Italian Foreign Minister Emma Bonino in a meeting with Iranian President Hassan Rouhani stressed Iran’s key role in the region, and said her country is eager to use Tehran’s experiences and potentials in settling the regional crises. During the meeting, Bonino said that “Italy while contributing to the promotion of Iran-Europe ties, hopes to be able to have joint cooperation with Iran in solving regional issues”.

“Italy is eager to expand cooperation with Iran in economic, industrial, energy, tourism, science and research domains,” she added.