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Al-Huda Cultural Art Institute Held in Malaysia

The Celebration of the Prophet’s Mabas in Kuala Lumpur-Malaysia with Recitation of the Holy Quran by the Iranian and Malaysian International Qaris

Al-Huda Cultural Art Institute affiliated to cultural attache of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Malaysia held the feast of the Holy Prophet’s Mabas (PBUH) in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia with recitation of the holy Quran by the international Iranian and Malaysian Qaris, and attendance of the Malaysian Muslims and Iranians interested in Quran on Saturday 17th May 2015 in the MCA auditorium in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

People interested in the Quran and the Prophet (PBUH) from Malaysian NGOs, Daraltahfiz al-Quran in Kuala Lumpur, and various cities in Malaysia such as Johor, Penang, Klang, raven, Kedah and Kuala Lumpur participated in this Quranic celebration called “Fondness with the Quran”. At the beginning of the ceremony, Mr. Saleh Rafie, an Iranian Qari resident in Malaysia and the Quran trainer in Al-Huda Cultural Art Institute recited the Holy Quran.
Then, Dr. Ali Akbar Ziaee, the cultural attache of Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Malaysia welcomed all the guests of the event and expressed his gratitude to Mrs. Zahra Kadkhoda Mezreji, the head of Al-Huda cultural art Institute, to organize the setting for this magnificent program. Dr. Ziaee also congratulated the Prophet’s Mabas to all Muslims of the world and expressed his thanks to Mr. Majid Saffar, the charge of the affairs of the Embassy; Datuk Abdul-Latif Mirasa, the chairman of the Rostow Institute of Malaysia, the Union of Islamic Assemblies of Iranian Students, special guests from Perkim and people of Malaysia for their intensive presence in the event. Dr. Ziaee described the customs of the Ascension Night in Iran, Pakistan, Turkey and other Islamic countries. He also called that night at the beginning of the Prophet (PBUH) mission and the opening of the divine gates to human beings.

Iran’s cultural attache in Malaysia added that we need the Quranic teachings and unity at a time when Zionism and the hands of the devil are going to discord and destroy the Muslim nations in the Middle East and other countries throughout the world to involve them in intrigue. He also emphasized the unity of the Islamic Ummah and described the religious ceremonies of the Persians at the Ascension Night to the Malaysian guests. Later on, he presented a power point to introduce the Al-Huda Cultural Art Quranic Institute.
He stated in his report that according to the necessity of developing cultural and Quranic activities in Malaysia and remarkable capabilities of Iranians in this area, Al-Huda Institute was established by Mrs. Zahra Kadkhoda Mezreji and a group interested in cultural and Quranic activists in Malaysia. Accordingly, after the registration, Al-Huda public-oriented institute started its work in the field of cultural and Quranic activities such as Quranic teaching classes, Tajvid and Quran recitation classes, Quranic stories painting and illustration classes, and hymn groups for boys and girls. The results of these intellectual efforts were shown during the feat. The report of the Iranian cultural attache in Malaysia followed by the lecture of Datuk Abdul-Latif Mirasa, the manager of Yayasan Rostow, the center of publishing and rewriting the Holy Quran. In his lecture, Datuk Abdul-Latif, called the first joint Quranic assembly of Iran and Malaysia as a step to continue the bilateral Quranic cooperation. He praised attendance of citizens from various parts of Malaysia in the ceremony and expressed the hope that the ceremony continues with the presence of the leading Qaris of both countries over the coming years.

He emphasized that people should not only participate in these communities, but also pay attention to the teachings of the Quran. He called Islam as a religion of peace, brotherhood, equality and moderation, and said that Islam and the Quran put emphasis on moderation and avoidance of extremism. Datuk Abdul-Latif Mirasa emphasized on the unity of the Muslims throughout the world and said that Muslims should teach their leaders the way of unity. He called the Holy Quran as the best agent for unity among the Muslims and expressed confidence that through recoursing the Holy Quran, Muslims can be united and friendly and move in the correct direction. He added that there is diversity among the Muslims, but common points should be stressed and the Holy Quran is the cause of unity. Following his lecture, the international Qaris from Iran and Malaysia recited the Holy Quran which was praised by the attendees.

Hashem Roghani, an Iranian Qari, the first selected in Tehran international competition in 1984 and the second one in Malaysia international competition in 1983; Masoud Sayyah Gorji, the first selected in Malaysia International Quran competition in 2001; Amir Joukar, an Iranian Qari and calligrapher; Anwar Hassin, a professor in the Department of Quran and Sunnah, Universit Sains Islamic Malaysia (USIM) and the fifth one selected in the seventh international Quran competition; Tarmazi Haji Ali, the first selected in the fifty-eighth Malaysia National competitions of Quran recitation; and Van Eynalddin Helmi, a selected Qari in current Malaysia competition were among those who created a spiritual atmosphere by their recitation in this event.

The hymn group of Al-Huda institute trained under the supervision of Mr. Saleh Rafie and the Malaysian Nasheed Group also had performances in praise of the Prophet (PBUH) welcomed by the participants in the event.

On the sidelines of the ceremony, a calligraphy exhibition of Quranic Calligraphy was established by Mr. Amir Joukar, the Iranian Qari and artist, which was warmly welcomed.