NewsCode : 187796 | Date: 7/1/2015 | Time: 12:18 PM | Service: Economy - Economy

Turkmenistan willing to expand economic ties with Iran

Representative of vice-president of Turkmenistan says the Turkmen president stresses on the expansion of trade and economic ties with Iran.

While inspecting Shahid Rajaei port city in Bandar Abbas, Tajif Sit Mamet further remarked that Turkmenistan is connected with international waters through Iran, adding that Shahid Rajaei and Amirabad ports are considered as key rings in north-south corridor.

He appreciated support of the officials of Shahd Rajaei port in recent years for the transit of manufactured products of Turkmenistan.

Sit Mamet announced willingness of Turkmenistan for transportation development of transit commodities of his country in the north-south corridor through Shahid Rajaei port.

Meanwhile, a deputy at Hormuzgan Port and Maritime Department outlined the latest operational, equipment, capacity and potential conditions of Shahid Rajaei port for the Turkmen official and elucidated on future plans and prospective of Iran’s largest trade port.

Mohammad Ali Asl Saeedippour noted that Iran’s ties with Turkmenistan is a warm historical relation on the basis of which in the area of international trade the two countries can benefit from capabilities and capacities of each other.

Turkmenistan is among countries with high economic growth rate and with regard to its rich oil, gas and cotton resources it has expanded joint investment in downstream industries.

Given that Turkmenistan is a landlocked country it uses facilities of the neighboring nations for the transit of its commodities. Turkmenistan railway I connected to Sarakhs (in northwest of Iran) and from there to Bandar Abbas.

Cotton, cotton fabrics, skin, carpet and oil are among commodities which are exported from the country to the world.

The port complex of Shahid Rajaei, as Iran’s golden economic gate, is situated 23 km west of Bandar Abbas, capital of Hormuzgan Province, and is among the most important ports in the Middle East region in north-south corridor.