NewsCode : 188603 | Date: 7/26/2017 | Time: 7:07 AM | Service: Politics - Politics

Will Tillerson Resign, What Consequences?

Abdolreza Ghofrani :

Reportedly, there are rumors of disputes between the maverick and unforeseeable US president and his rather logic and realistic!! Secretary of State 'Rex Tillerson' .Just a few couple of months ago, this author anticipated, cautiously, the unavoidable rifts between Donald Trump and some of his colleagues of the cabinet. Now the reports and gossips indicate that that well-guarded anticipation had not been so unrealistic.
In spite of being inexperienced in diplomatic field, Rex Tillerson, is a worldly –wise person , with the four decades of experience in international issues particularly oil business, so he cannot be regarded quite unaware of world politics. During his testimony before US Senate Foreign Relations, as Trump nominee for secretary of state, he proved this and showed him as a relative realistic figure.
Shortly after taking office, however, his absence (or in better words not being allowed) in some high level talks and meetings in the White House, gradually it was anybody guess that the new secretary of state might not have the positions he deserve in decision making nor even consultations. Moreover certainly working in the prevailing messy situation in the new US administration could not and should not be possible as well as reasonable for a person with his character. Understandably, now in the White House, Trumps daughter and son –in law, both being Jew, inexperience and with adventurous ambitions are the most trusted advisors to the president. Actually it was Trump who soon after arriving in White House sent his inexperienced son in law as special envoy, instead of Tillerson, to Tel Aviv for talks with high ranking officials of Zionist regime, thus in fact bypassing state department. Again in recent Trumps visit to Persian Gulf region, his daughter and son- in law were the main players and Tillerson was overshadowed. In fact the thoughtless and ill advices of the two inexperience and unaware advisers of the president accounted for the problems created in this critical region .Though, the viciousness instigations of Saudi officials particularly the foreign minister in making this mess, need not to be underestimated. However when the situation deteriorated in the Persian Gulf after inauspicious trip of Trump to Persian Gulf ,Tillerson was assigned to make up the remedies for the crisis ,particularly relations with Iran and Qatar ,he could do nothing returning to Washington empty handed .Of course there may be other issues of disputes between Trump and his secretary of state that are not known yet. By and large, all this have fanned the gossips in Washington and among those close to the latter that Tillerson probably will step down.
The prevailing confusion in US administration because of unwise and unreasonable Trump view points and decisions may cause illusions for some countries that they may use the situation. They, however, should beware that this confused situation can cause dangerous and deep crisis in the world. The domestic concerned hardliners here in Iran also should not be optimistic because it is not obvious, whatsoever, that anyone who may replace Tillerson in the confused situation in US administration would do any better to serve the best interests of our own country.
This important fact should also be noted that if Tillerson, because of his dispute with the president and those close to the latter does not have any choice but probably to step down, it is equivocal that his successor are not picked up from among the hardliners such as unpredictable and unbalanced people such as John Bolton or Gingrich( both of them with deep and idiot hostility to Iran, no matter either reformists or others are in power in Tehran ).Then it is quite obvious that it does not serve the peace and stability in the sensitive region of the Persian Gulf. The domestic hardliners in Iran opposing President Rouhani must not be either hopeful that they can take advantage of new situation and confusion in Washington, so only we have to be more careful just to serve the best interests of our country and just closely following the developments in a messy Washington.