NewsCode : 188633 | Date: 8/13/2017 | Time: 12:05 PM | Service: Politics - Politics

Iran Transparent Foreign Policy and Bright Economic Horizons

Abdolreza Ghofrani:

We have witnessed the political and economic developments, in the course of past couple of days, concurring with the inauguration of the president and taking office of new elected government in Iran. A great number of high ranking foreign officials represented their governments in the inaugurations ceremony. This actually indicated the significance that the world different countries attach to Iran.
Fortunately, despite all aggregate and damaging propaganda against Iran on the part of some western mass media and circles, particularly since ever President Donald Trump did take office six months ago, the presidential elections in Iran and the eye-catching presence of high ranking people in the inaugurations proved that those negative propagandas have not worked out and will not do so much in the future.
However, EU Foreign High Commissioner, Mrs.Mongrini attendance in the ceremonies and her talks with Iranian leaders was the top episode. Her visit to Iran needs to be considered from two points of view:
First, Mrs.Mongrini and European Union, in principle, bluntly showed that EU powerful members in spite of unfriendly movements by the United States to Iran have chosen and will pursue their own independent policies.
Second, top EU diplomat is a staunch supporter of JCPOA and she visited Tehran showing that she still strongly abides by the treatment. Moreover, in her talks with the Iranian president and foreign minister, they have focused mainly on commitments to the treatment and its full implementation. This indicates that despite the hostile status taken by Trump administration, JCPOA has strong international support, so the United States is in no position to annul the documents unitarily. Certainly all this indicates that notwithstanding all hostile propaganda by US and given the transparent positions and policies declared in the inauguration speech of the president ,Iran would live up to her commitments to international laws and regulations ,among them JCPOA ,of course given serving her best national interests.
Economically, before the president starts his second term, Iran and French oil and gas company TOTAL signed an important agreement worth of US$5 billion. Though there were internal and international contentions over this oil deal, there is no doubt that by this and through continuing the oil cooperation between the two sides, and the growth of activities in the oil fields, the national interests will be served; particularly now when the Iranian minister of petroleum declared that our oil industry needs US$200 billion for development.
Moreover, another big contract signed between an Iranian consortium and French Renault company .An important point in this Iran-French deal is that forty percent of the spare parts of the vehicles are supposed to be manufactured here in Iran.
These economic developments and the striking great deals prove that the investing countries are considering and assured of the stability and secured of a country. Because it goes without saying that the capitals and the investors are often seeking for secured place to invest. It needs to be noted that over the past two years there have been other EU and Asian countries that have showed interest for investments or already have begun to do so.
But it is worthy reminding that in this game, the American investment companies are the greatest losers, because of hostile and unwise policies taken by new shortsighted US administration and the congress of that country. For, they are always looking for arms sales markets and eventually waging wars and conflicts in all points of the world. American financial and investment centers should beware that if a day comes for them to invest in this part of the world (that is quite impossible for unknown future) their strong rivals have already taken the lion parts of the cake and there will be no room for them.