NewsCode : 188765 | Date: 11/11/2017 | Time: 11:31 PM | Service: Politics - Politics

Iran urges France to be realistic about Mideast developments

Iran's Foreign Ministry spokesman Bahram Qasemi said on Saturday Iran expects France to be realistic, fair and farsighted in respect to the developments going on in the most sensitive region of Middle East and Persian Gulf.

Qasemi's comments came in reaction to recent anti-Iran remarks by French President Emmanuel Macron in his tour of the Persian Gulf region.

'We expect France not to be affected by misleading and wrong statements by certain Persian Gulf regional countries,' the spokesman said.

'French president and other French officials are well aware that raising such allegations against the Islamic Republic of Iran is not compatible with the realities of recent decades of developments in the Middle East region,' Qasemi said, calling on France to persuade its regional allies to resort to rational policies.

'We have repeatedly told French officials that Iran nuclear deal is not (re)negotiable and new issues will not be allowed to be included in it,' the official said, adding that France is well aware of Iran's decisive stance that its defensive affairs are not negotiable.

He also touched upon the Saudi crimes in Yemen killing innocent people in the war-torn Arab country, warning against the 'meaningful silence' about UN reports on the massacre in Yemen which he said would be regarded as a green light by Saudi Arabia to continue with its crimes.

France government is expected to adopt concrete measures, forcing its regional allies to immediately stop the war and bloodshed so that ceasefire could be established in Yemen and peace and stability would be restored in the country, the spokesman said.