NewsCode : 188777 | Date: 11/13/2017 | Time: 11:13 PM | Service: Politics - Politics

Iranian president expresses condolences on huge quake

President Hassan Rouhani issued a message on Monday to express condolences to the quake-stricken people.


'I wholeheartedly sympathize with all the injured and the victims of this disaster, and ask the Almighty mercy for those who lost their lives, swift recovery for the injured and patience and health for those fellow Iranians who lost their beloved ones,' the message reads.

President Rouhani urged 'all responsible and relief agencies' in affected and neighboring provinces to 'work together in full collaboration to use all facilities available to provide relief, accommodations and care for those injured.'

A major 7.3 magnitude earthquake hit western Iran on Sunday night. It has been announced that 328 people have lost their lives and 3,950 others have been injured so far.