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7/26/2015   --   10:47 AM
Congress flaws

Politics - Mohammad Reza Noroozpoor:
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10/9/2012   --   10:09 PM
When Jimmy Carter repeats Iran's secret code to win re-election

Politics - Khabar Online: Ahead of the 1980 US presidential election, the then president Jimmy Carter had made tremendous efforts to begin negotiations with Islamic Republic of Iran in a bid to free the American hostages being kept in the US embassy in Tehran and be re-elected as the country's president, a senior Iranian diplomat says.

7/16/2012   --   11:19 PM
US vessel opens fire on boat off UAE coast, killing 1

Politics - A US vessel has opened fire on a boat off the coast of the United Arab Emirates in the Persian Gulf, killing at least one person and injuring three others.

7/14/2012   --   6:31 PM
Despite sanctions, US-Iran bilateral trade booms

Economy - Despite the pressures that the United States has imposed on countries that have attempted to maintain economic ties with Iran, official figures suggest that bilateral trade between Iran and the United States during the May has exceeded $44 million.

6/26/2012   --   9:42 AM
Rio+20: Vengeance too long delayed

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