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5/19/2013   --   7:15 PM
Iran condemns attack on home of Bahraini cleric Sheikh Qassim

Politics - Iran’s Foreign Ministry Spokesman Abbas Araqchi has condemned a raid by Bahraini forces on the house of prominent Shia cleric Ayatollah Sheikh Issa Ahmed Qassim.

3/31/2013   --   11:29 PM
Bahrain using talks to corner opposition: Iran MP

Politics - An Iranian lawmaker says the Bahraini regime’s call for talks with the opposition is only aimed at cornering the revolutionaries.

2/5/2013   --   11:27 PM
Bahraini regime not planning to implement reforms: Iran MP

Politics - An Iranian lawmaker says Bahrain's Al Khalifa regime does not seek to implement reforms in the Persian Gulf country.

1/31/2013   --   3:26 PM
European Parliament resolution on the HR situation in Bahrain

Politics - European Parliament resolution of 17 January 2013 on the human rights situation in Bahrain

1/26/2013   --   10:59 AM
Iran dismisses interference allegations by Bahrain

Politics - A senior Iranian official has categorically rejected allegations by Bahraini officials of Iran’s interference in the domestic affairs of the Persian Gulf kingdom.

1/12/2013   --   8:31 PM
Oppression against Bahrainis relies on US support: Iran lawmaker

Politics - An Iranian lawmaker has slammed the US support for the ongoing violation of human rights by Al Khalifa regime in Bahrain and called for international action against Manama’s iron fist policies.

1/4/2013   --   10:12 AM
Iran: Democracy Most Enduring Solution to Crises in Bahrain, Syria

Politics - Iran underlined that implementing the principles of democracy in Bahrain and Syria is the most sustainable solution to the problems in the two Arab countries.

1/3/2013   --   10:51 AM
Saudi-backed Bahrain forces attack anti-regime protesters in Manama

Politics - Saudi-backed Bahraini forces have once again attacked anti-regime protesters in the capital Manama as demonstrations against the ruling Al Khalifa regime continue across the country.

1/2/2013   --   1:03 PM
Iran Concerned about Bahraini Regime's Use of Toxic Gases against People

Politics - Iranian Deputy Foreign Minister for Arab and African Affairs Hossein Amir Abdollahian voiced Tehran's deep concern about the Manama regime's use of chemical gases against Bahraini protesters.

12/28/2012   --   11:06 AM
Saudi Arabia aids Al Khalifa to crush Bahrain protests: Iran MP

Politics - Iranian lawmaker Mohammad-Saleh Jokar says Saudi Arabia assists the repressive Al Khalifa regime to crack down on peaceful protests in Bahrain.

12/21/2012   --   11:24 AM
Bahrainis demand democratically elected government: Iran MP

Politics - An Iranian lawmaker says the people of Bahrain are fed-up with the patriarchal rule of the monarchy and demand establishment of a democratically elected government.

12/2/2012   --   2:54 PM
Leader's Aide: Regional Developments Herald Prevalence of Islamic Awakening

Politics - Senior Advisor of the Iranian Supreme Leader for International Affairs Ali Akbar Velayati underlined that the recent regional developments, specially in Iraq, Afghanistan, Tunisia and Egypt, indicate that Islamic Awakening is spreading throughout the region.

12/2/2012   --   2:51 PM
US Senators ask the Government to report on the implementation of BICI

Politics - 'An amendment has sponsored by Senators Rubio and Wyden in the National Defense Authorization Act for FY 2013 (NDAA) would require the Secretaries of Defense and State to “report on the implementation by the Government of Bahrain of the recommendations contained in the Report of the Bahrain Independent Commission of Inquiry (BICI)' Husain Abdulla the director of American for Democracy and Human Rights in Bahran 'ADHRB' told the Bahrain Observer.

12/2/2012   --   2:47 PM
Promise-Breaking King Still Supported by Washington and London

Politics - Judge Bassiouni’s yellow card to al-Khalifa

11/22/2012   --   1:03 PM
Iranian official urges end to crackdown in Bahrain

Politics - Iran’s Deputy Foreign Minister Hossein Amir-Abdollahian has warned against the continuation of the military approach to the popular uprising in Bahrain, urging an end to the crackdown to resolve the impasse in the country.

11/16/2012   --   11:34 AM
Iran Stresses Necessity for Settling Bahraini Crisis through Political Means

Politics - Iran underscored its emphasis on the peaceful and political settlement of the problems in Bahrain, and said intensifying the security atmosphere in the tiny Persian Gulf country will not help the crisis.

11/13/2012   --   10:56 PM
Iran MP warns Al Khalifa over violent suppression of protesters

Politics - An Iranian lawmaker has warned Bahraini regime over violent suppression of peaceful protests adding that Al Khalifa should learn from the fate of other regional dictators.

10/26/2012   --   6:16 PM
Int’l silence gives Al Khalifa free hand to suppress Bahrainis: Lawmaker

Politics - An Iranian lawmaker has censured the international community’s silence on the killing and suppressing of Bahrainis by ruling Al Khalifa regime.

10/18/2012   --   10:48 AM
Iran Voices Conditional Agreement with Resumption of Tehran-Manama Flights

Politics - A senior Iranian aviation official voiced Tehran's conditional agreement with the resumption of direct flights between Tehran and Manama, saying that Iran will open its airports to Bahraini flights if Manama reciprocates the move and allows Iranian airliners to fly to Bahrain.

10/17/2012   --   7:21 PM
Iran dismisses claims of interfering in Bahrain's affairs: Deputy FM

Politics - An Iranian deputy foreign minister has dismissed Bahrain’s claims about Tehran’s interference in Manama’s internal affairs, reiterating that Iran respects the Persian Gulf country’s independence.

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