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12/6/2016   --   12:59 PM
Speaker: US Congress anti-Iran measure is deception

Politics - Majlis Speaker Ali Larijani has described the recent anti-Iran measure that was taken by the US Congress as a kind of deceitfulness.

10/27/2015   --   7:45 AM
Nobakht in Majlis to present 6th Development Plan

Politics - President of Management and Planning Organization of Iran Mohammad Baqer Nobakht attended the Majlis session today to present the bill on the Sixth Development Plan to the lawmakers.

10/4/2015   --   1:42 PM
Iran lawmakers pass single-urgency JCPOA motion

Politics - Iranian lawmakers have passed a single-urgency motion that allows the administration to voluntarily implement the July 14 nuclear agreement under certain conditions.

5/24/2015   --   3:03 PM
Iranian MPs Briefed on Nuclear Talks

Politics - Iran's Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif and his deputy Abbas Araqchi, senior negotiators engaged in nuclear talks with six world powers, on Sunday briefed the country's parliamentarians on the nuclear negotiations.

5/5/2015   --   11:49 AM
West's Deceitfulness Could Push Iran to Resume Enrichment Activities: Speaker

Politics - Iran's Parliament Speaker Ali Larijani on Monday warned the West that contradictory remarks and deceitfulness in the nuclear talks with Iran could leave Tehran with the choice of resuming uranium enrichment activities at previous levels.

2/3/2015   --   12:12 PM
Iranian MPs vote to protect nuclear achievements

Politics - Iranian lawmakers have voted to speed up discussions on a motion that if approved would require the government to protect the country’s nuclear rights and achievements.

2/2/2015   --   2:06 PM
Iranian MPs Preparing Bill to Require Gov't to Speed Up N. Activities in Case of US Sanctions

Politics - More than 220 Iranian lawmakers have prepared and signed the bill of a law which necessitates the government to speed up the country's nuclear activities in case the US imposes any further sanctions on Tehran.

2/1/2015   --   12:54 PM
Vice-Speaker: US Losing Ground in N. Talks with Iran

Politics - Vice-Speaker of the Iranian Parliament Seyed Mohammad Hassan Aboutorabi Fard underlined Washington's weak position in nuclear talks with Tehran.

1/26/2015   --   11:09 AM
Iranian Speaker: N. Talks End in Deal If Powers Stop Seeking Baseless Excuses

Politics - Iranian Parliament Speaker Ali Larijani underlined that the nuclear talks between Tehran and the world powers will yield a final agreement if the western powers stop seeking excuses.

1/25/2015   --   2:41 PM
Iranian Legislature Praises Quds Force Commander Soleimani for Effective Campaign against ISIL

Politics - The Iranian legislators in a statement issued on Sunday lauded the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) Quds Force and its Commander Major General Qassem Soleimani for their effective efforts in pushing back the threat of ISIL in Iraq and Syria.

12/10/2014   --   1:04 PM
Speaker: Iran to Continue Supporting Anti-Israeli Resistance Movements

Politics - Iranian Parliament Speaker Ali Larijani assured the Palestinian people and resistance movements of Tehran's full and continued support until achievement of final victory against the Israeli forces.

11/29/2014   --   2:15 PM
Iranian FM Reveals Zionists' Attempts to Coax Arab States into Spoiling N. Talks

Politics - Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif in a meeting with Iranian lawmakers has disclosed attempts by the Zionist lobbies to persuade the Arab countries to destroy the constructive atmosphere of the nuclear talks between Tehran and the world powers, an MP said.

11/26/2014   --   7:51 AM
Farhadi receives vote of confidence

Politics - Majlis (parliament) in an open session on Wednesday endorsed President Hassan Rouhani's fifth nominee to head Ministry of Science, Research and Technology.

11/26/2014   --   7:49 AM
President says his nominee is symbol of moderation

Politics - President Hassan Rouhani called his nominee for science minister as symbol of moderation and called on members of Parliament (Majlis) to give him a vote of confidence.

8/21/2014   --   3:12 PM
Majlis Speaker hails Presidentˈs wise reaction to impeachment of his minister

Politics - Majlis Speaker Ali Larijani on Thursday thanked President Hassan Rouhani for his wise and calculated reaction to the impeachment of minister of science, research and technology Reza Faraji Dana.

8/20/2014   --   7:56 AM
Majlis starts debate on impeachment of sinence minister

Politics - Members of the Iranian Parliament (Majlis) began debate on impeachment of Minister of Science, Research and Technology Reza Faraji-Dana on Wednesday morning.

7/30/2014   --   8:16 PM
Iran to Send Parliamentary Delegation to Mexico

Politics - A delegation comprising senior Iranian parliamentary officials is slated to visit Mexico in the coming days to discuss expansion of ties and cooperation with officials of the Central American country.

7/23/2014   --   7:14 PM
Iranian Parliamentary Team to Visit Gaza Soon

Politics - The Iranian parliament is due to send six lawmakers to Gaza in the coming days to study the recent developments in the region and the Zionist regime's crimes against the Palestinian people.

7/16/2014   --   1:52 PM
Iranian parliamentarians voice support for nuclear negotiating team

Politics - Iranian parliamentarians reiterated support for the countryˈs nuclear negotiating team and appreciated its performance.

7/16/2014   --   8:03 AM
Larijani congratulates newly elected Iraqi speaker

Politics - Majlis (parliament) Speaker Ali Larijani in a message released on Wednesday congratulated Salim al-Jabouriˈs election as new Speaker of the Iraqi Parliament.

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