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3/17/2013   --   11:36 PM
Deputy FM: Iran, Britain in Talks over Resumption Consular Activities

Politics - Iranian Deputy Foreign Minister for Consular, Parliamentary and Expatriates' Affairs Hassan Qashqavi announced on Sunday that Tehran and London are negotiating to resume bilateral consular activities.

1/30/2013   --   8:25 PM
UK-Qatari plot against Syria revealed

Politics - Leaked documents from a UK-based defense contractor has revealed a Qatari proposal to the firm to counterfeit a plan to claim that Syria has given the go-ahead for the use of chemical weapons in the country.

1/8/2013   --   11:30 AM
West seeks to omit Syria, resistance from Mideast equations: Iran MP

Politics - The US and UK’s opposition to Syrian president’s new peace initiative indicates the West’s resolve to undermine the anti-Israel resistance and eliminate Syria as a key regional player, an Iranian MP says.

12/19/2012   --   12:45 PM
Ex-diplomat N. Tajik arrives in Tehran after 6 years of house arrest in London

Politics - A former Iranian diplomat who spent six years under house arrest in Britain has arrived in Tehran after winning a legal battle against the British judicial system.

12/17/2012   --   10:50 AM
US, UK training Syrian militants in Jordan: Report

Politics - Syrian militants have been receiving training to use light and heavy weapons in Jordan with the help of the British and US governments, a new report says.

12/14/2012   --   10:56 AM
Iranian ex-diplomat to sue British Home Secretary for delayed case

Politics - Former Iranian diplomat Nosratollah Tajik, who recently won a UK High Court ruling blocking his extradition to the United States, says he will take legal action against British Home Secretary Theresa May for a six-year foot-dragging on his case, Press TV reports.

11/26/2012   --   12:58 PM
Malware Targeting Iran Databases Spotted

Politics - IDG News Service - Symantec had spotted another odd piece of malware that appears to be targeting Iran and is designed to meddle with SQL databases.

4/22/2012   --   11:48 PM
‘UAE claims on Abu Musa Island are dictated by US, UK’

Politics - A senior Iranian lawmaker has criticized remakes made by the United Arab Emirates (UAE) officials on the Iranian Island of Abu Musa in the Persian Gulf, saying they are dictated by the US and Britain.

3/5/2012   --   11:17 PM
Foreign Ministry responds to Hague's remarks on Majlis election

Politics - Iran's Foreign Ministry spokesman Ramin Mehmanparast responded to the interfering remarks of British Foreign Secretary William Hague rejecting his claim that Iranian Majlis (parliament) election was not free and fair.

3/4/2012   --   2:57 PM
Uk intend to curtail the Court’s supervisory role in human rights protection

Politics - The draft of the ‘Brighton Declaration’, the seaside city where state parties to the ECHR will meet in the next April to discuss reforms of the Court and the Convention has been leaked[1] after the UK government refused to circulate the text publicly. Last week, the draft was presented to the Ministers’ deputies of the Council of Europe. Amongst other, the draft suggests to include the principle of subsidiarity and the margin of appreciation explicitly in the Convention text.

12/15/2011   --   12:18 PM
Ahmadinejad reiterates Foreign Ministry stance on British Embassy attack

Politics - President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad reiterated the Foreign Ministry’s stance on the protest staged in front of the British Embassy in Tehran which later led to an attack, during a live interview with Venezuelan TV, Telesur yesterday.

12/13/2011   --   10:39 PM
Majlis probes protesters' storm into UK embassy

Politics - National security and foreign policy commission of Iran's Majlis (parliament) probed the issue of protesters attack on the British Embassy in Tehran at a session ten days after the incident.

12/12/2011   --   10:09 PM
'Iran-UK ties won't impact P5+1 talks'

Politics - In the wake of the recent tensions in Tehran - London ties, a senior Iranian lawmaker says such events will have no impact on future multifaceted talks between Iran the P5+1 group of nuclear powers.

12/4/2011   --   11:48 PM
Iran to confront 25 'Carnival' envoys

Politics - A number of Iranian lawmakers have called for a “triple urgency bill” to confront the 25 Ambassadors who partook in an “obscene” procession at the former UK embassy in Tehran.

12/4/2011   --   11:47 PM
UK leaves no place for diplomatic courtesy: daily

Politics - In its editorial titled 'The Future UK more Dangerous than the Past UK' Iranian Principalist newspaper Resalat suggested today that through its hostile behavior towards Iran, the UK has left no place for diplomatic courtesy.

12/4/2011   --   11:47 PM
'ME nations despise past US, UK actions'

Politics - Iran's deputy Foreign Minister for Arab and African Affairs says the Middle Eastern nations abhor historical performance of Britain and the current US behavior in the region.

12/2/2011   --   1:06 PM
UK, always a usurper of Iranian national interests: Larijani

Politics - Iran's parliament speaker Ali Larijani said today that the UK has always been a usurper of Iranian national interests and its behavior toward Iran originates from the fact that their attachment to the memory of their dead empire.

11/30/2011   --   1:00 PM
Iranian Foreign Ministry expresses regret over UK Embassy incident

Politics - The Iranian Foreign Ministry issued a statement on Tuesday night, expressing deep regret over the incident that occurred after a demonstration by students in front of the British Embassy.

11/30/2011   --   12:52 PM
Lawmaker censures attack on UK Embassy

Politics - Iranian lawmaker Abdoljabbar Karami censured attack against two British Embassy compounds by protesters yesterday in Tehran and called the action against the diplomatic convention.

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