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3/14/2013   --   12:18 PM
EU's blind obedience to US policies detrimental: Lawmaker

Politics - An Iranian lawmaker says blind obedience of the European Union (EU) to the US sanctions policy against Iran will be detrimental to the European bloc in the long run.

3/12/2013   --   3:00 PM
Syrian army foiled foreign conspiracies: Iran MP

Politics - Iranian lawmaker Mohammad-Saleh Jokar says the Syrian army has managed to neutralize the barrage of foreign conspiracies against the Arab country.

3/12/2013   --   3:00 PM
US intervention in Syria against international law: Iran MP

Politics - An Iranian lawmaker says any military intervention by the United States and its allies in Syria would be a violation of the Charter of the United Nations and the international law.

3/10/2013   --   11:22 PM
Enemies of Islam behind Pakistan Shia killings: Iran MPs

Politics - Iranian lawmakers have condemned the ongoing killings of Shia Muslims in Pakistan, holding the enemies of Islam responsible for the violence against Pakistani Shias.

3/10/2013   --   2:44 PM
Iranian Lawmaker Blames West for Iraq's Internal Disputes

Politics - A senior Iranian legislator took the West responsible for the ongoing disputes in Iraq, saying that the West is seeking to undermine Iraq's regional influence through rifts in the country.

3/9/2013   --   9:55 AM
Official: Iran Waiting to See Goodwill, Flexibility from World Powers

Politics - A senior Iranian foreign ministry official said that the Group 5+1 (the five permanent UN Security Council members plus Germany) have adopted a logical stance in the recent talks with Tehran in Almaty, Kazakhstan, but meantimne added that Iran is still waiting to see more flexibility from the opposite side.

3/7/2013   --   8:53 AM
Iran needless of Saudi say-so to pursue rights: Lawmaker

Politics - An Iranian lawmaker has criticized the Saudi foreign minister’s anti-Iran remarks while downplaying Israel's war threats aimed at halting the Islamic Republic’s nuclear energy program.

3/4/2013   --   12:30 AM
Killing Iraqi Muslims, crime against humanity: Iran MP

Politics - Iranian lawmaker Seyyed Baqer Hosseini says the lackeys of the West are committing crime against humanity by killing the Muslim people of Iraq.

3/2/2013   --   6:06 AM
MP Optimistic about Change in Approach of G5+1 in Talks with Iran

Politics - A senior Iranian legislator voiced optimism about the change in the approach of the six world powers in their talks with Iran after the positive outcomes in the latest round of talks between the two sides in Almaty, Kazakhstan.

2/27/2013   --   8:32 PM
Senior MP, Egyptian Scholars Stress Necessity to Confront US Expansionist Policies

Politics - Chairman of the Iranian parliament's National Security and Foreign Policy Commission Alaeddin Boroujerdi and a group of visiting Egyptian scholars underlined the necessity to confront Washington's expansionist policies in the region.

2/25/2013   --   9:36 AM
West's confrontation policy will cause N-Talks to fail: Iran MP

Politics - As Iran and the six major world powers (the P5+1 group) prepare to hold a new round of talks, an Iranian lawmaker warns that the group’s confrontational approach will lead to the failure of negotiations.

2/25/2013   --   9:36 AM
‘No stopping for Iran peaceful nuclear train’

Politics - Iranian lawmakers have advised the US and its allies to accept Iran’s nuclear energy program and abandon their confrontational policy in favor of interaction with the Islamic Republic.

2/23/2013   --   8:23 PM
West aims to impede Syria national talks: Iran MP

Politics - An Iranian lawmaker says the Western powers use terrorist attacks to provoke the Syrian opposition groups and hamper national reconciliation dialogue in the Arab state.

2/22/2013   --   8:35 PM
West propagates Iranophobia to sell arms to ME states: Lawmaker

Politics - An Iranian lawmaker says Western powers promote Iranophobia in the Middle East to step up weapons sales to the regional countries.

2/18/2013   --   1:15 PM
Iranian MP Criticizes Islamabad's Weakness in Protecting Pakistani Shiites

Politics - The Pakistani government has failed to give enough care to the protection of the lives of its Shiite community, a senior Iranian lawmaker legislator said on Sunday.

2/17/2013   --   11:53 PM
US has no regard for international law: Iranian lawmaker

Politics - Senior Iranian lawmaker Alaeddin Boroujerdi says the US always acts according to its own interests with no regard for international laws.

2/16/2013   --   8:34 PM
Turkey’s meddling in Syria against international law: Iran MP

Politics - Iranian lawmaker Mousa Qazanfarabadi says Turkey’s interference in the ongoing crisis in Syria is in violation of the international law and conventions.

2/16/2013   --   8:34 PM
Iranian MPs: Israel should Wait for Iran's Response to Gen. Shateri's Assassination

Politics - Members of the Iranian Parliament's National Security and Foreign Policy Commission in a statement issued on Saturday warned the Israeli regime that Tehran will give a crushing response to the assassination of the head of the Iranian delegation in charge of developmental projects in Lebanon Hassan Shateri.

2/16/2013   --   2:11 PM
IAEA reports on Iran nuclear program political, biased: Iran MP

Politics - An Iranian lawmaker says reports by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) on Iran’s nuclear energy program are politically motivated and biased.

2/12/2013   --   1:27 PM
Saudi Arabia’s plan to demolish Masjid al-Nabawi, Israel plan: Iran MP

Politics - An Iranian lawmaker has warned that Saudi Arabia’s plan to demolish Masjid al-Nabawi [the Prophet Mohammad’s (PBUH) Mosque] is part of a US and Israeli scenario.

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