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6/22/2013   --   9:37 PM
Canada's foreign minister U-turns on reaction to Iran election

Politics - Canada’s Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird has reversed his recent remarks about the June 14 presidential election in Iran.

6/10/2013   --   1:15 PM
Ottawa depriving Iranian nationals in Canada of legal rights: Official

Politics - The Islamic Republic of Iran has criticized the Canadian government for depriving Iranian nationals in Canada of their legal rights.

4/30/2013   --   4:29 PM
Canada’s claim on Iran is ridiculous: Iranian lawmaker

Politics - A senior Iranian lawmaker has censured the Canadian government for its recent unfounded claim that Iran was linked to a ‘terror plot’ in Canada, describing the allegation as “ridiculous.”

1/19/2013   --   7:05 PM
Canada ranked third biggest oil deposits owner,rivals Iran

Economy - Khabar Online: Based on data from the balance sheet of Iran's energy in 2011, Canada is the new rival of Iran as the third biggest owner of oil reserves in the world.

11/29/2012   --   12:35 PM
Iran slams Western objectification of human rights

Politics - Iran’s Foreign Ministry Spokesman Ramin Mehmanparast has slammed the use of human rights issues as a political tool by Western countries against independent nations.

11/12/2012   --   11:36 PM
Iran reserves right to reciprocate Canada assets freeze: Lawmaker

Politics - Pursuant to Canadian government’s decision to freeze Iran’s assets on its soil, an Iranian lawmaker has affirmed Tehran’s right to take reciprocal action against Ottawa.

11/5/2012   --   8:18 PM
Canadians Protest against Harper Government Immigration Policies

Politics - Protesters took over an intersection in downtown Toronto to decry the Harper government's immigration policies.

10/30/2012   --   1:47 PM
MP: Canada's Plot Defused by Iranian Parliamentary Delegation's Visit

Politics - Iranian parliamentary delegation's participation in the 127th Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU) meeting in Quebec, Canada, defused Ottawa's efforts to isolate Iran, head of the Iranian delegation said Tuesday.

10/25/2012   --   10:16 AM
Iran slams Canada’s human rights accusations

Politics - Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesman Ramin Mehmanparast has criticized the Canadian foreign minister's remarks about the situation of human rights in the Islamic Republic.

10/20/2012   --   7:33 PM
Iran parliamentary delegation heads to Canada for IPU meeting

Politics - An Iranian parliamentary delegation has set off for Canada to attend the 127th meeting of the Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU).

10/18/2012   --   7:18 PM
Iranian lawmaker stresses Canadian aborigines’ rights

Politics - A senior Iranian lawmaker has underlined the need for the restoration of the rights of Canada’s indigenous community.

10/16/2012   --   8:38 AM
Iran to defend rights of Canada's aboriginal population:Javad Larijani

Culture - The Secretary General of High Council for Human Rights has met with Canadian aboriginal leader Terry Nelson, stressing that the Islamic Republic of Iran would defend the rights of aboriginal people in Canada, as part of its plan to support innocent people across the world.

10/4/2012   --   7:37 PM
Extremism turning Canada into threat to intl. security: Iran

Politics - Iran's foreign Ministry Spokesman Ramin Mehmanparast says extremist policies adopted by the new Canadian government are turning the country into a threat to international security.

10/3/2012   --   7:31 PM
Nuclear-armed Israel, source of threat: Iran to Canada

Politics - The Iranian mission to the UN has rejected recent remarks by the Canadian foreign minister against Tehran’s nuclear energy program, describing Israel’s nuclear weapons as the one and only source of threat in the Middle East and beyond.

9/30/2012   --   10:37 PM
Canada ignores Israel call for Iran redline

Politics - Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper has ignored the Israeli premier’s call for setting a “redline” for Iran's nuclear program as such a move could trigger war with the Islamic Republic.

9/27/2012   --   7:38 PM
Iranian FM Warns Nationals against Travelling to Canada

Politics - The Iranian foreign ministry in a statement warned the country's nationals against visiting Canada due to the growing wave of Iranophobia and Islamophobia in the British colony.

9/19/2012   --   7:31 PM
Iran to set up special headquarters to serve Iranians in Canada: Official

Politics - Iran's Deputy Foreign Minister for Consular and Parliamentary Affairs Hassan Qashqavi says the Islamic Republic plans to set up a special headquarters to solve problems faced by the Iranian nationals in Canada.

9/18/2012   --   1:04 PM
Iran Not Consulted on Selection of Italian Embassy as Canada's Interests Section

Politics - Iran announced on Tuesday that the Canadian government has not consulted with Tehran for opening an interests section in the Italian embassy.

9/16/2012   --   11:01 PM
MP: Severance of Ties with Iran to Harm Canada

Politics - Severance of Canada's ties with Tehran will inflict much damage and loss on the British colony, a senior Iranian lawmaker said, adding that the decision proves Ottawa's obedience to Zionist regime of Israel.

9/14/2012   --   11:10 AM
Canada irked by successful NAM Summit in Tehran: Iran diplomat

Politics - An Iranian diplomat lashes out at Canada for adopting a “politically-motivated” move to close its embassy in Tehran, saying that the Canadian government was angered at Iran's successful hosting of the 16th Summit of the Non-Aligned Movement (NAM).

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