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6/8/2015   --   12:31 PM
Iranian Official Raps Europe's Double-Standard Approach to Human Rights

Politics - A senior Iranian judiciary official questioned Europe's double-standard approaches to human rights, saying that the Europeans show unreasonable sensitivity to the execution of criminals in Iran but have remained silent on the massacre of innocent people by their regional allies.

9/10/2013   --   9:08 PM
Iran Raps UN Human Rights Rapporteur for Supporting Terrorist Groups

Politics - Secretary of Iran’s Human Rights Council Mohammad Javad Larijani blasted the UN Special Rapporteur on Human Rights in Iran, Ahmed Shaheed, for his support for the terrorist groups acting against Tehran, and said such positions merely impair the UN's credit.

8/25/2013   --   7:48 PM
Top UN official in Tehran on Monday to discuss regional issues

Politics - A top UN official is travelling to Tehran to discuss regional developments with Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif.

3/13/2013   --   7:32 PM
Human Rights Chief: Ahmed Shaheed Parrots Claims of Anti-Iran Terrorist Groups

Politics - Secretary of Iran's Human Rights Council Mohammad Javad Larijani blasted UN Special Rapporteur on Human Rights in Iran Ahmed Shaheed for his biased report, and said Shaheed has merely parroted the allegations made by the terrorist groups against Tehran.

11/27/2012   --   5:28 PM
Javad Larijani: Torture Banned in Iran Legally, Religiously

Politics - Iran is among the few countries in which torture is banned legally and religiously, a senior Iranian human rights official said on Tuesday, and stressing that the Iranian judiciary may not ignore even the slightest case of torturing.

11/17/2012   --   4:28 PM
Iran High Council for HR slams US visa denial
US not allow Iran's HR delegation attanding UN Third Cmomittee

Politics - Khabar Online: Iran's High Council for Human Rights has denounced the United States for refusing to issue visas for an Iranian delegation to the UN Third Committee, saying Washington is abusing from its position as host country to the UN.

11/1/2012   --   11:21 AM
West supports terrorists, awards criminals: Javad Larijani

Politics - A five-member German parliamentary delegation, who traveled to Iran in the form of Iran-Germany Parliamentary Friendship Group, have held a meeting with the secretary of Iran’s High Council for Human Rights.

10/31/2012   --   7:35 PM
Iran blasts Europe's use of human rights as political tool

Politics - Secretary of Iran's High Council for Human Rights has once again censured the silence of European officials towards major human rights violations by their despotic trading partners while falsely blaming Tehran for rights abuses.

10/30/2012   --   10:41 PM
German parliamentary delegation to hold talks with Iran MPs

Politics - A senior Iranian lawmaker says a visiting German parliamentary delegation is set to hold its first meeting with Iranian legislators.

10/16/2012   --   8:38 AM
Iran to defend rights of Canada's aboriginal population:Javad Larijani

Culture - The Secretary General of High Council for Human Rights has met with Canadian aboriginal leader Terry Nelson, stressing that the Islamic Republic of Iran would defend the rights of aboriginal people in Canada, as part of its plan to support innocent people across the world.

9/16/2012   --   9:53 AM
Zionists to challenge Obama in favor of Romney:Javad Larijani

Politics - Khabar Online: A famous Iranian analyst Believes that maybe the republicans are behind the radical reactions against the disgrace Movie about holy prophet, Mohammad (P.B.U.H)

8/21/2012   --   1:55 PM
Iran's letter to UN High Commissioner for HR about Syria

Politics - Iran’s high council for human rights asks Navi Pillay to prepare a report on the role of those countries in equipping and arming of terrorist groups in Syria.

3/13/2012   --   7:22 AM
Iran’s Larijani: Special Reapporteur has obviously failed

Politics - Speaking to the 19th UNHRC session in Geneva, Iran General Secretary of high council for human rights denounced the report of Special Reapporteur on the situation of Human Rights in Iran.

3/10/2012   --   9:15 PM
Javad Larijani to speak in UNHRC session in Geneva

Life - Mohammad Javad Larijani, the Secretary General of Iran High Council for Human Rights arrived in Geneva at the top of a high ranking human rights delegation.

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