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News about Iran s Central Bank

7/16/2012   --   8:40 PM
Russia's imports of Iranian products soars

Economy - Russian imports of Iranian products during May 2012 have increased by seven percent over the same period last year.

7/14/2012   --   6:31 PM
Despite sanctions, US-Iran bilateral trade booms

Economy - Despite the pressures that the United States has imposed on countries that have attempted to maintain economic ties with Iran, official figures suggest that bilateral trade between Iran and the United States during the May has exceeded $44 million.

6/26/2012   --   8:49 PM
Iran Encourages Chinese to Make Investment Southwestern Port City

Economy - Governor of Iran's Southwestern port city of Abadan Bahram Ilkhaszadeh said that the city plans to encourage Chinese investment in the city's development projects.

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