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3/4/2013   --   9:40 AM
The Yemeni revolution has been stolen

Politics - Mohammad Farazmand

3/4/2013   --   9:17 AM
Massacres of Pakistani Shias meant to sully image of Islam

Politics - Sadreddin Mousavi

1/12/2013   --   4:41 PM
The Shifting Nature of Iran’s Regional Policy

Politics - Kayhan Barzegar

12/2/2012   --   2:51 PM
US Senators ask the Government to report on the implementation of BICI

Politics - 'An amendment has sponsored by Senators Rubio and Wyden in the National Defense Authorization Act for FY 2013 (NDAA) would require the Secretaries of Defense and State to “report on the implementation by the Government of Bahrain of the recommendations contained in the Report of the Bahrain Independent Commission of Inquiry (BICI)' Husain Abdulla the director of American for Democracy and Human Rights in Bahran 'ADHRB' told the Bahrain Observer.

12/2/2012   --   2:47 PM
Promise-Breaking King Still Supported by Washington and London

Politics - Judge Bassiouni’s yellow card to al-Khalifa

11/6/2012   --   3:41 PM
Who Pursues Violence in Bahrain?

Politics - The insistence of the people of Bahrain on their legitimate demands and the continuation of peaceful protests and imposition of heavier commitments on the government is the assured and guaranteed method for their victory Last Tuesday, Oct. 30th, Bahrain's Interior Minister declared in a statement that in order to safeguard the country's security, any demonstration and protest would be banned from that day on.

10/31/2012   --   3:40 PM
The Arab Spring and the Balance of Power in the Middle East

Politics - By Kayhan Barzegar:

10/12/2012   --   6:01 PM
Innocence of Muslims movie, a mass provocation weapon

Culture - By Aziz Shahmohammadi

9/26/2012   --   11:10 AM
Insulting Islam: A Euro-American Tradition

Culture - By Yuram Abdullah Weiler:

9/17/2012   --   11:19 PM
Institute for women's studies and research statement to Human Rights council

Politics - Khabar Online: The Institute for women's studies and research issued a statement to the 21st session of Human Rights council about the movie, 'Innocence of Muslims.

9/17/2012   --   5:48 PM
what is Bahrain destination/video

Culture - .

7/10/2012   --   11:28 AM
Int'l Conference on Women's Role in Islamic Awakening Kicks off

Politics - An international conference on 'Women and Islamic Awakening' started work here in Tehran on Tuesday morning.

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