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News about US_Iran Relation

10/7/2013   --   4:16 PM
Early Steps in Iran-Us Relations Need To Be Taken

Politics - An interview with Thomas Pickering, a former US Ambassador to the United Nations

9/23/2013   --   8:18 PM
Give Iran a Chance

Politics - Hooman Majd

9/3/2013   --   4:11 PM
“Sunni Hezbollah” To Be Formed

Politics - Jamaran.ir’s interview with Dr. Seyyed Mohammad Sadegh Kharrazi

9/3/2013   --   4:02 PM
Iran, US Need Road Map

Politics - An interview with William Luers, the Director of The Iran Project and Adjunct Professor at SIPA, Columbia University

8/26/2013   --   4:58 PM
US-Iran: Direct, Transparent and Critical Talks

Politics - Nosratollah Tajik

8/24/2013   --   6:45 PM
Obama Can Prevent New Sanctions

Politics - An interview with Barbara Slavin, an analyst of Middle Eastern and Iranian affairs

8/22/2013   --   11:11 AM
Rouhani, Obama Meeting Significant for Iran-US Rapprochement

Politics - Nasser Saghafi-Ameri*

8/19/2013   --   7:24 PM
Hooman Majd: time to talk for Iran and US

Politics - An interview with Hooman Majd, an Iranian-American journalist and expert on Iranian affairs and US foreign policy.

8/19/2013   --   6:25 PM
Gary Sick: US, Iran Should Open Private Channel for Talks

Politics - An interview with Gary Sick, an American academic and expert on Iran-US relations

2/16/2013   --   10:12 AM
Continuation of talks with Iran is vital: Olli Heinonen

Politics - KhabarOnline: A former senior director of IAEA says the continuation of cooperation and talks with Iran over the country’s nuclear energy program is vital.

1/14/2013   --   3:52 PM
2013, the year of peace or war against Iran

Politics - Abdel-bari Atwan

1/14/2013   --   10:28 AM
Iran – US Reconciliation: Overcoming Challenges and Setbacks

Politics - Nasser Saghafi-Ameri*

12/25/2012   --   5:25 PM
Kerry looks different but Judgment on his Iran policy premature

Politics - Mohammad Reza Norouzpour: When John Kerry was officially named the new Secretary of State, some analysts both inside and outside the United States felt a new development in the American foreign policy is impending

11/21/2012   --   4:03 AM
Obama and a Player Called “Iran”: Forecasting the US Foreign Policy up to 2016

Politics - Barack Obama’s recent victory in the United States presidential polls has raised many questions about the future direction and orientation of Washington’s domestic and foreign policies.

11/18/2012   --   3:12 PM
What's Obama prospect of the Middle East?

Politics - Hassan Lasjerdi

11/12/2012   --   7:52 PM
Obama counters Israel's pressure representing U.S. as key decision-maker

Politics - Khabar Online: Barrack Obama was elected the president of the United States for the second term as the issue of Iran's nuclear program has remained unresolved within the framework of Washington's foreign policy.

11/5/2012   --   7:32 PM
Tabatabaie's recounts of Iran-US talks

Politics - The then US president Jimmy Carter accepted to meet the demands proposed by the Islamic Republic of Iran about 33 years ago, in order to begin negotiations with Iran and free the American hostages kept in the US embassy in the Iranian capital of Tehran, an Iranian former negotiator says.

10/31/2012   --   11:21 AM
No talks with P5+1 before US presidential polls: Iran

Politics - Iran says there will be no talks between Tehran and the six major world powers of the P5+1 before the US presidential polls, Press TV reports.

9/10/2012   --   5:55 PM
Saudi FM Faisal in Los Angels for medical treatment

Politics - Khabar Online:Saudi FM Saud AlFaisal has arrived to Los Angels for medical treatment after an intestinal surgury and a stroke.

7/30/2012   --   5:53 PM
Iran-U.S. reconciliation is Afghanistan's deep desire: Rassoul

Politics - “Reconciliation of Iran and US is the deep desire of Afghanistan’s officials” said Afghan Foreign Minister, Zalmai Rassoul.

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