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4/28/2013   --   10:48 AM
Egypt's Morsi sends delegation to Iran to discuss Syria

Politics - Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi has sent a delegation to Iran to discuss a proposal to establish a quartet to end the crisis in Syria.

9/10/2012   --   12:11 AM
Iran media suggest ambivalent attitude toward Morsi’s views

Politics - Morteza Nematzadeh

9/3/2012   --   5:27 PM
Morsi's visit to Iran, positive but just the first step: Kamrava

Politics - Prof. Mehran Kamrava told Khabar Online that in some respects, especially ideologically, the relationship between Iran and the Muslim Brotherhood will be difficult.

9/2/2012   --   3:51 PM
IRIB chief accepts translation mistake at NAM summit

Culture - Head of the Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting (IRIB), Ezzatollah Zarghami has accepted a mistake in the translation of the Egyptian president’s address to the 16th Summit of the Non Aligned Movement (NAM) in Tehran.

8/24/2012   --   6:51 PM
Morsi’s visit to Iran shapes a powerful troika

Politics - An Expert on International Affairs says Morsi’s visit to Iran could lead to powerful troika which can affect fundamentally on the Nam operation globally.

8/8/2012   --   10:22 PM
Iran’s Interaction with Morsi’s Egypt trickier than Mubarak’s

Politics - Speaking to Khabar Online, an Iranian analyst Hojatoleslam Mohammad Masjed Jamei said the interaction of Iran with the new Egypt led by President Mohamed Morsi would be trickier than what could be possible during Mubarak's regime, as several delicate issues should be taken into consideration.

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