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3/25/2015   --   4:50 PM
Lebanese Minister Stresses Expansion of Cultural Cooperation with Iran

Culture - Lebanon's Culture Minister Remon Areiji in a meeting with his Iranian counterpart Ali Jannati in Beirut emphasized his country's enthusiasm for the further development of cultural ties and cooperation with Tehran.

1/14/2015   --   11:59 AM
Nasrallah Says Hezbollah Has All Sorts of Arms to Defend Lebanon

Politics - Hezbollah emphasized its preparedness to defend Lebanon against any Israeli aggression, saying the Lebanese resistance movement is in possession of 'all sorts' of weapons.

10/5/2014   --   7:08 AM
Iran Presents List of Arms Aids to Lebanese Army

Politics - Iran has presented a list of military tools and weapons to be gifted to the Lebanese army to help the Arab country in its fight against terrorism, senior officials in Beirut said.

6/24/2014   --   7:42 PM
Iran condemns terrorist attacks in Lebanon

Politics - Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman Marziyeh Afkham strongly condemned different terrorist attacks in different parts of Lebanon on Tuesday.

1/22/2014   --   2:11 PM
Iran Condemns Tuesday Terrorist Attack in Lebanese Capital

Politics - Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman Marziyeh Afkham condemned the Tuesday terrorist attack in Beirut, and called on the Lebanese nation to be watchful of the divisive plots hatched by enemies to wreak havoc on the Middle-Eastern country.

1/2/2014   --   7:33 PM
Nasrallah Named Lebanon’s Person of 2013

Politics - Secretary-General of Lebanese Resistance Movement Hezbollah Seyed Hassan Nasrallah was named Lebanon's person of the year 2013 by a poll conducted by the country’s leading Media Corporation.

1/1/2014   --   4:59 PM
Senior Lawmaker Urges Lebanese Gov’t to Pay Attention to Saudi Nationality of Embassy Bombers

Politics - Senior Iranian parliamentary officials asked Lebanon to take special actions in dealing with the case of the November bombing at the Iranian embassy in Beirut after the country's police announced that the main bomber was a Saudi national.

12/28/2013   --   2:08 PM
Iran Calls for Lebanese Nation's Vigilance against Enemy's Divisive Plots

Politics - A senior Iranian lawmaker condemned the Friday bombing in Beirut, and called on the Lebanese people from all walks of life to be united more than ever to protect their country's peace and security against destabilizing plots hatched by enemies.

12/28/2013   --   2:04 PM
Iran: Lebanon Strong, United Enough to Foil Enemy Conspiracies

Politics - The Iranian Foreign Ministry, in a statement, said that the Lebanese nation is experienced enough to know how to defuse the plots hatched by the country's enemies whose background in the region is full of enmity and dishonesty against the regional people.

12/26/2013   --   5:37 PM
Iran FM congratulates Lebanese counterpart on Xmas

Politics - Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif has congratulated his Lebanese counterpart Adnan Mansour on Jesus Christ’s birthday and the Christian New Year.

9/6/2013   --   2:26 PM
Lebanon opposes military attack against Syria: FM

Politics - Lebanese Foreign Minister Adnan Mansour has expressed his country’s opposition to any military offensive against Syria, calling on all countries to work together closely to prevent any such aggression against the Arab state.

6/25/2013   --   9:27 PM
Iran urges unity among all Lebanese factions

Politics - An Iranian deputy foreign minister has condemned the killing of 16 Lebanese soldiers by supporters of Takfiri Sheikh Ahmad al-Assir in southern city of Sidon, stressing the need for unity among all Lebanese factions and political parties.

6/13/2013   --   3:39 PM
Iran envoy to Lebanon warns against enemy plots to divide Muslims

Politics - Iran’s ambassador to Lebanon has warned against enemies’ schemes to sow religious discord among Muslims, urging the Islamic world to remain vigilant and united against such plots.

4/19/2013   --   10:44 AM
Lebanese FM backs Iran’s right to peaceful nuclear energy

Politics - Lebanese Foreign Minister Adnan Mansour says his country supports Iran’s right to develop and use nuclear technology for peaceful purposes

4/14/2013   --   12:27 AM
Tehran has always supported Lebanon unity: Iran FM

Politics - Iran’s Foreign Minister Ali Akbar Salehi says Tehran has always supported the unity and domestic solidarity of Lebanon, stressing the country’s backing for the Islamic Resistance.

2/17/2013   --   11:53 PM
'Iran not withdrawing support for Lebanon over Shateri'

Politics - Iranian Majlis speaker says the assassination of a senior commander of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) will not affect Iran’s support for Lebanon.

1/26/2013   --   10:59 AM
Syria calls on refugees to return home

Politics - Syria has called on those of its citizens who have left the country due to the unrest that began nearly two years ago to return home.

1/24/2013   --   12:00 PM
Iran aid convoy delivered to Syrian, Palestinian refugees in Lebanon

Politics - Iran’s first consignment of humanitarian aid has been delivered to Palestinian and Syrian refugees, who have fled from Syria to Lebanon.

1/20/2013   --   11:46 PM
US-engineered sanctions against Iran, futile: Lebanese MP

Politics - A senior Lebanese politician says the US-engineered economic sanctions against Iran over its nuclear energy program have proven to be 'futile.'

1/8/2013   --   11:43 PM
Syria crisis, plot devised to ensure Israel security: Iran envoy

Politics - Iran’s Ambassador to Lebanon Ghazanfar Roknabadi says the ongoing crisis in Syria was a plot devised to ensure the security of the Israeli regime.

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