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News about Kurdistan

12/24/2012   --   8:25 PM
Iraqi president Mam Jalal Talabani talked to MP via phone

Politics - KhabarOnline: Mam Jalal Talabani could speak to one of Iraqi MPs via telephone today said Majed Ghammas, who is the office director of the Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq in Tehran.

12/18/2012   --   5:44 PM
Controversial news about Iraqi president's death

Politics - There are some controversial stories about the condition of iraqi president Mam Jalal Talabani which say he dies at 79 by a brain stroke.

10/13/2012   --   5:35 PM
Ocalan could replace Gul based on Turkey's recipe for Syria

Politics - Hassan Hanizadeh

9/21/2012   --   5:49 PM
Consequences of Tariq al-Hashemi ruling

Politics - Hassan Lasjerdi

8/26/2012   --   11:40 AM
Assad takes tactical advantage of Syrian Kurds: Bavand

Politics - A top Iranian political analyst, Davoud Hermidas Bavand told Khabar Online that by taking tactical advantage of Syrian Kurds, Bashar al-Assad attempts to prove Turkey’s efforts to topple his regime would confront Ankara with the new crisis with its minority Kurds.

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