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1/27/2018   --   4:33 PM
Latest developments discussed in Assad, Iranian Deputy FM meeting

Politics - Latest developments in the region and Syria were discussed in a meeting on Saturday between Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and Iranian Deputy Foreign Minister Hossein Jaberi Ansari.

11/15/2017   --   9:26 PM
Iran's deputy FM confers with Syrian president

Politics - Iran's Deputy Foreign Minister for Arabic-African Affairs Hossein Jaberi Ansari who arrived in Damascus on Wednesday conferred with Syrian President Bashar al-Assad on issues of mutual interest as well as regional developments.

6/8/2017   --   11:15 PM
President: Iran, Syria on Same Side in War on Terrorism

Politics - Iranian President Hassan Rouhani hailed the Syrian army and nation’s successive victories against terrorist groups, saying Tehran and Damascus are on the same front in the war against terrorism.

1/12/2016   --   9:22 AM
Assad: War in Syria leads to strengthening of relations with Iran

Politics - Syrian President Bashar al-Assad said the present war in Syria has resulted in strengthening of friendly relations between Damascus and Tehran.

1/26/2015   --   3:50 PM
Assad: Syria Opposition Groups Foreign Paid Puppets

Politics - Syria’s President Bashar al-Assad questioned the credibility of Syrian opposition groups taking part in Moscow talks, describing the opposition representatives as “puppets paid from the outside”.

6/9/2014   --   2:01 PM
Rouhani congratulates Assad on victory

Politics - Iran’s President has extended his congratulations to Syria's President on his landslide victory on June 3 presidential election.

6/1/2014   --   11:56 AM
President Assad: Syria Remains Firm

Politics - President Bashar al-Assad hailed the Syrian people who enabled their country to remain firm and thwart the foreign schemes plotted against it.

4/14/2014   --   12:26 PM
Assad: Syria War Turning in Favor of National Army

Politics - President Bashar al-Assad said that Syria's three-year conflict is at a 'turning point' due to the country's national forces' military gains against militants.

12/24/2013   --   10:36 AM
President Assad Says Syria Facing Major Extremist Offensive

Politics - The Syrian president Bashar al-Assad said, while receiving an Australian delegation, his country is being confronted by a major extremist offensive.

8/28/2013   --   2:08 PM
Can Rohani Mediate Crisis Resolution?

Politics - An interview with Amir Mousavi, an analyst of defense and strategic issues

8/5/2013   --   9:56 PM
Assad praises Syrians for backing armed forces against militants

Other Contents - Syrian President Bashar al-Assad has praised the Syrians for backing the country's armed forces against foreign-sponsored militants.

7/5/2013   --   1:35 AM
West sends Takfiri terrorists to Syria to get rid of them: Assad

Politics - Syrian President Bashar al-Assad says the Western countries seek to rid themselves of Takfiri terrorist groups by sending them to Syria, where they are killed.

5/14/2013   --   8:56 PM
Obama cannot decide future of Syria: Iran deputy FM

Politics - An Iranian deputy foreign minister has criticized US President Barack Obama for openly calling for the downfall of Syria’s legitimate government of President Bashar al-Assad.

5/9/2013   --   1:50 PM
Iranian FM: Bashar Assad Ready to Talk with Opposition

Politics - Iranian Foreign Minister Ali Akbar Salehi condemned foreign interference and certain countries' financial and arms support for the terrorists in Syria, and said Syrian President Bashar al-Assad is ready to hold talks with the opposition groups.

3/3/2013   --   11:57 PM
Syrian Army Kills 94 Terrorists in Reef Idlib

Politics - The Syrian army killed tens of armed rebels in heavy clashes in Northern Idlib province on Sunday.

2/17/2013   --   11:52 PM
Syria Calls All Parties to Engage in Crisis-Solving Process

Politics - Syrian Prime Minister Wael al- Halqi called on all components of the Syrian people to engage in a political process on the Syrian soil to end the country's long-standing crisis in accordance to the political vision outlined recently by President Bashar al-Assad.

2/12/2013   --   1:27 PM
Good news on Iranians held in Syria coming, ambassador says

Politics - The Iranian ambassador to Syria says good news will soon be published about two Iranian engineers who were abducted in Syria.

2/11/2013   --   11:29 PM
Assad says Syria will not submit to plots, pressure

Politics - Syrian President Bashar al-Assad says that his country will not submit to pressure or ' diversifying plots' against it.

2/8/2013   --   8:27 PM
Syrian military making headway against militants

Politics - Syrian army forces are making significant gains against foreign-backed militants as the two sides remain engaged in fierce clashes near the capital, Damascus.

2/3/2013   --   11:52 PM
Iran's SNSC Secretary Urges National Dialogue for Ending Syrian Crisis

Politics - Secretary of Iran's Supreme National Security Council (SNSC) Saeed Jalili in a meeting with Syrian President Bashar al-Assad asked for a political solution to the Syrian crisis, and expressed the hope that during his visit to the Muslim country he could persuade all groups to attend a broad-based national dialogue meeting.

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