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7/11/2017   --   9:12 AM
US president admits terrorists' defeat in Iraq, Syria

Politics - US President Donald Trump, whose policies have frequently saved ISIS terrorists in Iraq and Syria, has confessed that the terrorist group has sufferred a crushing defeat in the Iraqi city of Mosul.

6/23/2017   --   9:39 AM
Russia fires cruise missiles at Daesh in Syria, doesn’t inform US

Politics - Russian vessels deployed to the Mediterranean have fired cruise missiles at Daesh targets inside Syria, the Russian Defense Ministry says.

3/4/2017   --   3:54 PM
US in no place to opine on human rights situation in other states: Iran

Politics - Iran has dismissed the recent US allegations of human rights violation in the Islamic Republic, saying Washington is in no position to make any judgment about other countries’ situation in this regard.

7/13/2015   --   7:17 PM
Progress in Iran talks but 'sticking points' remain: White House

Politics - The White House says Iran and the P5+1 group of countries have made real progress in the nuclear talks but several issues remain unresolved.

7/2/2015   --   4:13 PM
US warship downing passenger plane manifest crime against humanity

Politics - Foreign Ministry on Thursday issued a statement to mark anniversary of downing Iranian passenger plane by the US warship terming the tragedy of 1988 manifest crime against humanity.

11/7/2013   --   11:57 PM
Israeli settlements are illegitimate, Kerry says

Politics - US Secretary of State John Kerry has called settlements constructed by the Israeli regime on occupied Palestinian lands 'illegitimate'.

11/3/2013   --   4:49 PM
Normalization of Iran-US ties possible: Ex-diplomat

Politics - A former US ambassador to Iraq says the normalization of Tehran-Washington ties is plausible and can be beneficial to both nations and the international community.

10/2/2013   --   8:40 PM
US Senate postpones Iran bans until Geneva talks

Politics - A US lawmaker says the Senate will not impose a fresh round of sanctions on Iran until after the upcoming talks between Tehran and the six major world powers in Geneva.

9/1/2013   --   4:56 PM
US war against Syria to protect Israel: Iran Basij Cmdr.

Politics - The commander of Iran's volunteer Basij Force says Washington’s warmongering against Syria is part of the US expansionist policy and a measure to protect the Israeli regime.

4/25/2013   --   1:11 AM
Attacking Iran will be Israel last mistake: Vahidi

Politics - Iranian Defense Minister Brigadier General Ahmad Vahidi says military action against Iran will be the Zionist regime’s last mistake.

3/17/2013   --   11:37 PM
Iranian Diplomat: World Powers' Proposals Not Sufficient

Politics - The proposals presented by the Group 5+1 (Britain, China, France, Russia, and the United States plus Germany) during the Almaty talks in late February were not sufficient, a senior Iranian diplomat underlined on Sunday.

3/16/2013   --   1:17 PM
US imposes sanctions on 2 Iranian inurance firms

Economy - The US has imposed sanctions on two Iranian firms, saying the companies provide insurance services to Iran's main petroleum shipper in its latest bid to mount pressure on Tehran over its nuclear energy program.

3/15/2013   --   12:42 PM
Velayati: Talks with Washington Depends on US Behavior

Politics - Supreme Leader's Advisor for International Affairs Ali Akbar Velayati referred to Washington's offer of direct talks with Tehran, and said the US should first abandon its hostile behavior towards Iran.

3/13/2013   --   7:32 PM
AEOI Chief: Bushehr N. Power Plant Readying to Start Test Run in Days

Politics - Head of the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran (AEOI) Fereidoun Abbasi said that the country's first nuclear power plant in the Southern port city of Bushehr is still under tests and will soon be connected to the national power grid for test run.

3/13/2013   --   7:31 PM
Deputy FM: US Seeking Talks for Talks, Not for Resolving Problems

Politics - A senior Iranian foreign ministry official dismissed the US honesty in its offer of talks with Iran, and stressed that Washington may be after negotiation with Tehran, but it is not really seeking to find a solution to problems.

3/12/2013   --   11:53 PM
US U-2 Reconnaissance Plane Shooed away from Iranian Airspace

Politics - Commander of Khatam ol-Anbia Air Defense Base Brigadier General Farzad Esmayeeli on Tuesday said his forces have shooed away a US U-2 high-altitude reconnaissance plane seeking to approach the Iranian airspace on February 10, when Iranians were celebrating the anniversary of the victory of the Islamic Revolution.

3/12/2013   --   3:00 PM
US intervention in Syria against international law: Iran MP

Politics - An Iranian lawmaker says any military intervention by the United States and its allies in Syria would be a violation of the Charter of the United Nations and the international law.

3/11/2013   --   9:32 AM
US sanctions on Iran sabotage P5+1 talks prospects: Gary Sick

Politics - Prominent American Middle East expert Gary Sick has warned that any fresh round of US embargoes against Iran will jeopardize the prospect of comprehensive negotiations between Iran and the world powers.

3/10/2013   --   11:11 PM
China Ranks US as Top Source of Cyber Attacks on Country

Technology - China's top cyber security agency said more than half of hacker attacks on the country since year's start originated from the US.

3/8/2013   --   11:52 AM
Iran exports Persian carpet to 70 countries despite sanctions: Official

Economy - A senior Iranian business official says the Islamic Republic has exported Persian carpets to 70 countries despite the obstacles that the US-engineered sanctions on Iran have created.

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