7/9/2017 - 1:13 PM

Iran Air apologizes for Tehran-Amsterdam delayed flight

Politics - Head of Iran Air's Public Relations Department Shahrokh Nooshabadi apologized to the passenger of the delayed Tehran-Amsterdam flight for the inconvenience and said most of the passengers are accommodated in a hotel.

Iran Air Flight 725 that had left Imam Khomeini Air Port, Southern Tehran, for Amsterdam at 8:25 local time (3:55 GMT) on Sunday morning had to return to the air port a few minutes after take-off due to a technical problem in one of its engines.

A number of the 230 passengers of the Airbus A300-600 Iran Air EP-IBA, who decided to go to their homes in Tehran and come back later when the plane is ready, were provided with transportation, but the rest were accommodated at the air port’s hotel, Nooshabadi said.