Iran has 20 radiopharmaceutical projects in progress: Nuclear chief

The head of the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran (AEOI) says Iran has twenty radiopharmaceutical projects in progress.

Speaking during a TV program on Saturday night, Mohammad Eslami said April 9, which marks National Nuclear Technology Day, is a special day for the AEOI to take bigger steps.

“We have 20 radiopharmaceutical projects in progress,” he said, vowing to step up efforts to achieve more progress in the application of peaceful nuclear technologies.

He said that in the previous Iranian year, Iranian scientists registered 159 scientific, technological, and industrial achievements.

Registering 159 nuclear achievements, he said, is a clear manifestation of being active and innovative.

Elsewhere in his remarks, the nuclear chief lamented that Iran’s radiopharmaceutical industry has been targeted by inhumane US-led sanctions.

“Our only radiopharmaceutical company has been sanctioned. This is a very interesting point and a very good example [against] the claim of human rights that they (Western powers) make, showing that there is no shred of humanity and human rights [in their actions],” he added.

Iran has been trying to diversify the applications of its nuclear activities in recent years. In addition to power generation, the country’s nuclear industry is now focusing on a wide variety of applications, from radiopharmaceuticals and radiotherapy to particle accelerators.

Since 2006, when Iran indigenized its nuclear industry, the country has constantly been targeted by sanctions over what US-led Western countries claim to be an attempt to develop nuclear weapons, something Tehran has categorically rejected and proven to be false.

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