G7 baseless accusations aimed at justifying US violations: Iran

The Iranian Foreign Ministry has condemned the Group of Seven (G7) advanced economies for making “baseless accusations” against Iran, advising their leaders to adopt a realistic approach based on mutual trust.

"It is regrettable that G7 countries, instead of holding the United States accountable for its clear violation of the law in its unjustified and unilateral withdrawal from the JCPOA, the violation of Security Council Resolution 2231, and the imposition of inhumane sanctions on the Iranian nation – considered a crime against humanity due to their irreparable effects on the fundamental rights of the Iranian nation-- have instead leveled baseless accusations against Iran's completely peaceful nuclear program,” the ministry said in a statement on Wednesday.

In its final communique on Tuesday to mark the conclusion of a three-day summit in Japan, foreign ministers of the G7 called on Iran to comply with its obligations on nuclear non-proliferation, saying “Iran must never develop a nuclear weapon".

They also criticized Iran for what they described as its “destabilizing activities” in the Middle East region.

The fate of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), as the Iran nuclear deal is officially called, has been in limbo since May 2018, when the United States unilaterally withdrew from the accord and imposed tough economic sanctions on Tehran. Washington’s refusal to remove those sanctions have been the main stumbling block to negotiations to revive the deal.

The foreign ministry said in its statement that Iran is determined to continue its technical and constructive cooperation with the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) within the framework of the NPT and the Comprehensive Safeguards Agreement

“The Islamic Republic of Iran,” the statement said, “expects other countries to refrain from politicizing the issue and interfering in the technical interactions between Iran and the agency by putting pressure on this international organization.”

The Iranian foreign ministry also remined the G7 that the safety of navigation in the strategic waterways of the Persian Gulf and the Strait of Hormuz has been guaranteed because of Iran’s responsible approach over the past decades.

“Leveling accusations against Iran is just an irresponsible act to justify the disruptive and destabilizing nature of the US military presence in the region,” the statement said.

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