President Raisi urges Muslim unity to counter enemies’ plots

Iran’s President Ebrahim Raisi has called on Islamic countries to unify against the enemy’s plots aimed at weakening Muslim states and creating divisions among them.

“Ill-wishers are seeking to sow discord among Muslim nations, but the God Almighty and His prophet have called on us to be united, and the holy month of Ramadan is the manifestation of this Islamic unity,” the Iranian president said during an iftar ceremony to host ambassadors and charge d'affaires of Islamic countries in Tehran on Wednesday night.

Raisi warned that the enemies seek to weaken Islamic countries through different means such as takfiri and terrorist groups as well as occupation and desecration of Islamic sanctities.   

Also in his remarks, the president referred to recent attacks by the Zionist regime against Al-Aqsa Mosque and Palestinian worshippers during Ramadan, saying that mere condemnation of those attacks is not enough, and called for practical action to counter the Israeli regime’s atrocities and support the Palestinian people.

On Syria, the Iranian president blamed the presence of the US and its allies for the continued insecurity in the Arab country.

He said that an end to activities by Takfiri groups and the return of control of all areas across the country to the Syrian government is the only way out of the current situation there.

And on Iran’s foreign policy, the president said that the country is after neighborly and friendly ties with Islamic countries, including the neighboring Afghanistan, where Raisi said an inclusive government should be formed to resolve Afghans’ problems.

Raisi also said that Iran’s policy is to prevent the disintegration of Syria as well as Iraq and Yemen.

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